Random and Odd




Michael’s will be the death of me.
Yesterday I went in to get bags for the projects that we are selling at the Getty Owl Run at our booth and I walked out with 14 canvases.   I did not need all 14, but they were on sale and I had the 22.00 dollars to spend on them.
Now I am waiting for my prints to finish so I can work on them with the canvases.

Now that the weather isn’t so damn cold I can spend time in my Stu-Stu-Studio and work on things. I was so bored the other night and I needed an outlet I made a box out of tissue paper.
Yeah, it’s gotten bad.

My mom was in the hospital. It freaked me out a lot.  I have never seen her in the hospital before and it wasn’t something I ever want to see again. She was a trooper about it though. I think she felt bad because I was so sick when I got there and had to be admitted so I could get the medicine I needed.  I never thought I would say this, but THANK GOD I have been through this before and I knew exactly what it was that they needed to give me from the start to feel better.

OH. MY. GOD. The dog just farted! OMG! it’s so bad even he had to walk away.

Anyway, my mom … she uh. Oh fuck. I have to go, that is the nastiest thing EVER.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.