Random and Odd


1024 feet in loss and gain today.  This is much like Training Hill, but not as steep and not as long.

I don’t usually wear headphones while on the trail, but I made an exception for a podcast.  I popped one bud in my right ear and headed down this trail I have been wanting to do for awhile.  The podcast is one from TrailRunnerNation.com and it was featured these two Western States 100 miles runners back form the 80’s. It was neat to hear them recount simple things like how vacant the aid stations were in comparison to the ‘convenience store’ they are now.  What they used for water bottles (maple syrup bottles and mustard bottles) and some of the stories from their trail runs how they compare to now days.

The part that just blows me away is when they talk of running these trails, they toss around names of trails or side trails where I run as if everyone knows what they are talking about.  They talk about Last Gasp and how there was a time in AR50 they did it in reverse and Last Gasp was first.   Last gasp isn’t a trail. It’s just a portion of a larger trail that was given that name.  It’s like “Tommy’s Trail” that Dan and I call it.  It now has an official name, but when no one knew about it, we called it Tommy’s Trail, after the guy who cleared it.
Hearing them talk about Railbed Hill and how they run it, it just brings me right back to where I want to be…right where I was.

I loved when they talked about Michigan Bluff and he was talking about “Doing work”.  I was just about 100 feet into a 1000 feet climb when he said, “I know when I am out there and I have 30 minutes of hills, I dig deep and tell myself, ‘I work for 30 minutes. When I am done, then I can break down.”
Holy shit, I needed to hear that.
I put my head down and did the best that I could do and when it got painful I told myself, ‘when you’re at the top, you can break down.’ and when I got to the top, I felt so great that I began to run out the knots.

The guys talked about their mentors. This kinda bummed me out because I don’t have any yet.  I’m doing this all on my own. The best that I can do is talk to people who have done Ultras and ask totally random questions.   Listening to them talk about how they got through the early days, reminded me of my very first few months and how much I learned through failing.  The things I have learned in just the past year, I should write it all down. OH WAIT, I AM!

I’m so excited for this upcoming year.  The Resolution Run has turned into a full blown Runs With Rusty Scissors meets Honey Badgers Hockey team run!  I told one of the players, “You should do this…” and now we have players and their wives and all their kids running it too.  Mind blowing.  It seriously makes me tear up thinking about how amazing my world is and how happy I am with the way it’s playing out.

Happy 2013 everyone!

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