Random and Odd

lock em up!


API endpoint, my ass.
Whatever. I will figure out that shit later.

As I was digging through my settings and files I found 3 posts that were password protected. I opened them up and said, ‘fuck it, no need to worry about THOSE being seen my anyone’ and I took the password off of them.
They had an option that said, “STICK THIS TO THE FRONT PAGE” I actually started laughing because, as much as I could give a flying fuckity fuck what those white trash assholes think, I certainly do not want it posted on the front page of my site.
It still makes me giggle a little.

Went to Alcatraz yesterday with Dan and the brats. So much fun with them. I have such cuddle bugs for children. At every turn it was a hug, kiss, handhold…they even fought who got to hold my hand walking back to the car.
I love Kara’s voice. I forget how much I miss it. Alyx’s stupid looks and Shea’s “look at me” moments.

It was a very good day.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.