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Got an email from a reader asking if I really blocked someone for putting an Gnome on my facebook wall. He had blocked someone for putting a picture of the “hey Vern’ guy and after some thought decided it was a bit harsh and unblocked him. He suggested I rethink my blocking of the gnome folks as they thought they were just being funny.

I told him I hadn’t actually blocked anyone YET for the offenses, but my cousin was damn near the edge.

I’m a fan of blocking. I have rules I need to follow when it comes to blocking and guidelines I have to stick to.
If you unfriend me, I block you. I don’t want you to come back and say, “Oh, sorry, I was having a bad day and I decided since you were friends with so and so…” BLAH BLAH BLAH…shut up, you’re blocked now.

If you do me wrong. Blocked. I don’t want to see you pop up on a friend’s page, I don’t want to randomly see something you ‘liked’.
There is this fun game I learned after my ex left…it’s the: You died in a fiery plane accident and no longer exist in my world.
Judge me all you want, but it works.
The only time I have to even hear about something he has done is when I talk to his daugh…..OH WAIT…blocked. I NEVER have to hear about him anymore.

There are times when I go to search for something and someone who is blocked but has TWO facebook accounts come up.
I swear I never laughed so god-damn hard in my LIFE when I clicked on the pictures and saw that two people from my past life are now together…like…TOGETHER-TOGETHER. Like, vacationing with the kids together.
I had a feeling those two would hook up. It’s actually funny to me in a totally “way to go, Karma!” kind of way.
Trip to Hawaii….didn’t know they allowed recliners on the beach.

I decided to go check out my block list…okay, it’s not THAT bad…it’s just filled with people I don’t care what they are doing and I am taking the precautions to make sure they don’t care what I am doing.

What you get from here is mooooore than enough! :)

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