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the view from my run

the view from my run, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

I decided to go trail running on Friday.
Lester gave me the news about the school shooting and it just felt like someone kicked me in the stomach.
Facebook was filled with shock, sadness and promises of prayers and outpouring of support. I turned off my computer and grabbed my gear.

I came back several hours later to a completely different feeling on Facebook and on the news.
It was filled with how we need better gun laws, gun control, melt down all guns, hatred for those of us that have guns and don’t think they are right. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

I get it. I’m not a fan of the assault rifle, but I am a fan of my right to own one.
What I don’t get is how this has turned to the weapon used and not the real problem we have which is lack of help for the people with mental health issues and lack of help for those people caring for them.


This is an amazing story and it took a lot of guts to write it. I have tried to keep quiet on Facebook about how I feel about all of this.
Yes, I’m sickened…but I won’t watch the news or read the articles that are posted.
I am irritated by the pictures of the candles or please post 20 hearts on my page. I GET IT, people need to feel like they are doing something to help. I’m sorry, but it’s not helping by posting picture showing sympathy.

Do I know what to do to fix the problem? fuck no, I have no idea where I would even begin to address this issue…and maybe all the people I know feel like they are in the same boat and the only thing they can do is post articles and pictures saying, “we need help.”

I know what we don’t need and that is the crazy mother fuckers from WBC picketing their funerals. I did read that on my Twitter feed and I about lost my lunch!
They believe because gay people can marry now, God is killing babies.
I just have no words that can fully express how I feel about that hate clan.
My father is a patriot rider and I know that he would be there doing all that he could to stop that from happening and if they are all like my daddy, those patriot riders in CT will do their best.

The best few hours I have had since Friday were spent on the trails looking out at the beautiful views…enjoying the silence.

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