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I told you so!

No, it didn’t taste good., originally uploaded by Suddenly Single.

This was the first piece of pizza I have had in probably 4 months. Actually this is the first piece of bread I have had in that long.
So what made me finally cave in?  too tired to NOT eat it.

Last night I packed up my bye-bye bag and headed to Lodi to hang out with some of my sky friends. The combination of people was screaming trouble, and I was game to get into a little of it.
Since I’ve lost weight, I think my alcohol tolerance has gone to zero. I use to be able to have a few glasses of wine and be able to hold my own. The last time I went out, I had one drink and a beer and I was praying the prayer, “make the spinning stop and i swear, never again will I just start mixing whatever I find in the counters and adding ice. For the love, I AM NOT A BARTENDER!”
This time I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pull off the normal couple of glasses and be cool so I paced myself. Sha. That worked. NOT.
One glass of wine and I was finished.

The night was fun though. I sleep on feather down goodness so leaving my house knowing I wasn’t going to be creeping back home to climb in my comfortable bed is always a challenge. I brought my pillow, blanket and the robe and my comfy cozies. It was a girls night in and of course where there are girls in jammies with a huge bottle of wine…there are boys!
How I managed to get suckered into watching Taladaga Nights should be  proof that I had a half a glass of wine too much.
The night officially came to a end at 4 in the morning on the couch and was up at 7am to get ready to head out to the dropzone.
Yes, it wasn’t a well thought out plan. I see that now.

It took me until 2pm to peel myself off the couch at the dropzone and painfully make my way home.
This was a really weird year of my life and the ending was no different than the whole damn thing.

Tonight my friends are coming over here and I am going to do my best to bring in 2011 with more laughter. After last night and all the laughing I did, I might need to do some crack to stay awake!

I love this life, it’s crazy and messy and beautiful all at the same time. I have been blessed and I realized this week, I am going to be juuuust fine.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.

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