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I admitted to someone the other day, “I’m the only person left on the road that still has a cassette tape player and not a CD player.”
This was only one of many admissions of the person I am.

Since I have the damn thing, I figured I would buy some tapes. The only one I have listened to is Def Leppard. Over and over again.
I’m not a ‘retro’ type of person, but I tend to embrace what I have. I have a tape player, I have cassettes, I have a two hour commute to work and home. I am rocking the hell out of my rewind and fast forward buttons and smiling about it. Yes, it’s stupid…but this is my life and I’m not mad about it at all. Don’t get me started on the speakers! :)

Tonight is my best friends birthday. I didn’t get to spend it with her last year and I’m really excited about ending this year with all kinds of new things in my life. Instead of spending our evening at the local haunt, I’m going to try one out that she liked to go to when she lived in her house. They have swing dancing and I can ‘fake’ a mean swing dance and her boyfriend actually knows how to dance. More than likely I will try to sit back and take it all in as some of our sky friends are coming out and I don’t want to look TOO stupid. I have an image to uphold. HAHAHHA.

I’m getting excited about this new year coming up. I’m making my list of the things I want to do for myself and some of the things I am doing in support of others and it looks pretty good so far.
Kara got her outfit for Lady GaGa, and I really hope she can go. I wanted to be able to provide her with the tickets to her concert that just happens to be on her 18th birthday. She has her ‘concert buddy’ and I am so glad that later in life she will have some amazing memories of her concerts with her girlfriend.
She’s also getting her costume ready for her New Years Rocky Horror Picture Show she’s going to.
I’m amazed by her. If only I was half as cool as she is!!
She’s talked me into the 365 Picture A Day thing. I sucked at it last year, but I am willing to give it another shot.

Supporting my sister:
10k run. Climbing Mt. Lassen and quitting smoking Jan. 1.
Supporting my daughter:
356 pictures.
My list:
Let go and move on.
Do The Work.
Read more.
Write more.
jump more.
train more.
Be okay with who is in my life and how long they will be here.

It’s not much, but it’s a start.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Tabitha Baland

    I completely love it and have begun not only working on mine but crossing them off BEFORE the year has even taken place. I too am going to uit, and I too will begin running as I promised on January 1, 2011! I have even secured a place that I can get up at 5 am and run for an hour! Im on my way my darling friend! Also want to let you in on a secret when we get a chance! I love you!