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New Years..time for another letter to self…

Goodbye 3 day weekend!, originally uploaded by Suddenly Single.

I didn’t write a letter last year.

This year I will.

Dear Kristine,
I was way hotter than 2009 right? Because 2009 was a total dick to you and I was really good to you. I mean, other than that whole heart break thing. My bad, i’m sorry. You weren’t ready. He wasn’t ready. You two just seemed to be an unstoppable force and I just let it ride. I figured I would let 2011 deal with it.

Let’s recap. You uh…well..hmm. Shit, sorry. WAIT, I got one, your divorce was finalized! You lost your house. Again, sorry about that.
You made a new friend. crap, that was 2009.

Okay, fine. Truth be told, I sucked too huh?

Well, if you’re going to look at me like that, i’m leaving! Good luck with 2011, i’m sure he will treat you better than I ever could.


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  • Kristine

    Dear 2010,

    We are cool. No big thing! Despite all the crap, you’ll never be as bad 2009.
    As for the heartbreak thing. I’m glad it happened. At least you showed me I could love again. Not that I will ever fall for that trick again! :)

    Yes, 2011 will be nice. This year I am going into it alone. I’m doing the work and finding my own bliss…and not blocking it!


  • Mary Ellen

    Dear Kristine,

    Thanks for making me laugh (coffee came out of my nose).

    I miss your photography – that is why I stalk your blog – I hope you take and post more pictures in 2011.

    I am tempted to tell you everything will be alright and you are not alone in your struggles – my life is so similar to yours its is weird. Hey, my cyber-friend, look at all the love in your life – your kids, your friends and things you are passionate about. When I gave up on finding a partner and decided to focus on my self, my kids, my career and do things I always wanted to my life became so much better. I wish I could tell you I met someone wonderful and we lived happily ever after. I met alot of jerks and then realized I did not have room for a man with all of the beautiful chaos that surrounds me – my life is messy beyond repair, but good. I hope love happens when I least expect it. This year I bought a Nikon D5000 and I will play with it every day – even if it is just one picture a day in 2011. I am going to set up a flickr account. You inspired me – even though I’ve never met you. Your photos are so interesing and they tell stories. You should take more. Be really nice to yourself in 2011 and I hope you find love, peace and happiness.

    Mary Ellen

  • Kristine

    Mary Ellen,
    Thanks for the comment. I have been getting a lot of support. I think people see that I am serious about moving forward in my life and getting some shit done.
    I’ve made a few promises to myself that has been helping.

    1. Being honest with myself.
    2. Not being so wide open.
    3. Being okay with the roles that people have in my life.
    4. Not letting anyone TOO close.
    5. Not turning around and looking at the past too much.

    Mostly I forgive myself for the shit that has happened. I’m not evil, i’m not a victim either.

    I will bring Random And Odd Flickr back soon. I’m doing a picture a day thing with Kara this year.
    For now: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atthispointinmylife is where I put up a lot of my random cell phone shots and how I am feeling at the time.