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Merry Christmas Random And Odd…

I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas this year.  <removing snarky comment>

Last year Dan bought me a pink Motorola blue tooth from the girls for Christmas.  In this last year that poor thing has survived so much.
A few months ago I pulled the clothes out of the dryer and the damn thing fell out on the floor.  “How the hell?” I wondered how it got in there and then I remembered I put it in my back pocket after the battery died.  I was all bummed out because I actually liked it. It wasn’t one of those ones that you had to stick in your ear which just gives me the creeps.
It was suggested that I should charge it and see if it still worked.
Low and behold after a good charging it worked!  I swore I would NEVER put it in my pocket ever again.  2 cell phones and countless tubes of lipstick, lip gloss, and chapstick have been destroyed in the washer and dryer.  I also have the cleanest driver license, atm card and lighters in California.

The other day I was flip flopping the laundry and at the bottom, there it was…my pink bluetooth.  “DAMN IT!” there is no way that poor thing could survive a second washing.   I remembered last time I found it in the dryer and so with a ‘what the hell…it worked before…what can it hurt?’, I tossed my blue tooth into the dryer with the wet clothes.   After the 40 minutes, I took it out with the clothes and plugged it in to charge.

Now I promise to NEVER wash it again, because my odds of it working again after 3 washings is just tempting fate.  I’m telling the story of the most awesome bluetooth to my hair stylist and as I am getting up from the chair, it falls and hits the floor…hard.  It broke.

Distraught I go looking for a replacement at Fryes Electronics and Best Buy.  Because it’s an ‘older model’ they don’t have it. I found a replacement on Overstock dot com.   The thing is…it’s red. It’s not pink.  AND, I have never had any luck with the ‘replacement’ things in my life.  Examples, My Motorola Razor phone. The first one had the best reception and the battery lasted forever.  I replaced it after some fucktard stole it when we went to the coast. The replacement…sucked.  My Samsung phone that vibrated into a sink full of water was the best phone! (before the swim) and the replacement has NO reception.  Sucks.
I’m hoping the new bluetooth will prove to be different.

That is the Christmas present I bought for myself.

Here’s to next year…getting what I want and accepting the things I didn’t want but were handed to me anyway.   To allowing replacements into my life and not questioning them.  Maybe replacements is exactly what I need.

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  • Your sister

    Hehe, I get to be first of the last to comment on 2009. I was going through old cards and letters I saved and I read one from you. Remember when you used to write letters? It was funny. Made me smile. You drew pictures rather than send photos. Man we musta been broke. You drew a pics of you and dan and Kara and the cat. Stick figures, I was cracking up.