Random and Odd

Goodbye 2009

January — I was sporting my new dark hair and loving it.  I was almost one month into feeling better. We had just spent our first Christmas in 7 years in Shingletown with my family. It was a good month.
What I learned: I only like my dark hair for about 2 months.

February — I became the proud owner of my first Ipod.
What I learned: I know ziltch about being an Ipod owner.

March — I turned 37 and Kara turned 16. We spent our birthday in San Francisco roaming around and seeing Wicked.
What I learned — The dark hair is officially sucky at this point.  Wicked was WICKED awesome. I enjoyed spending all that time with my daughter.

April — Most of the month was alright. Then the bottom fell out. I packed up the girls and we went to Yosemite. It was awesome.
What I learned — “Forsaking all others” is a bunch of bull.

May — I traveled a lot this month. It didn’t matter where I was going as long as by Wednesday I knew what I would be doing Saturday morning.
What I learned– You don’t know how strong you can be until it’s your only option.

June — I jumped out of an airplane strapped to a awesome tandem master.
What I learned — There is nothing I can’t do.

July — I jumped out of an airplane without anyone strapped to me. My daughter jumped out of an airplane. I spent the 4th surrounded by new friends at the dropzone. I found a great friend who introduced me to many more. I went scuba diving (without a dive buddy).
What I learned — I can save my own life.

August — I spent time at the wind tunnels. I spent time in the sky. I saw the ocean.  I watched my daughter go from one school to another.
What I learned — The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

September — I saw my other daughter leave in red Mustang with her date.
What I learned — I really enjoy my job and getting in where I fit in.

October — I flew to Oregon. I shot a wedding. I spent Halloween eating dinner in the same place I had lunch.
What I learned– My sister in law is a bad-ass and I missed out on knowing the real her for many years.

November — Things have a funny way of working themselves out.  I got my daughter back. I spent Thanksgiving with my family.
What I learned — People suck. ROYALLY suck.

December — I love my job. I may have not understood the big picture before, but I get it now.  I put the tree up, decorated my home and realized so many things this month. This is my life. And to quote someone I never thought I would be friends with again, “Get my name out of your mouth.”
What I learned — I’m going to be alright. I really, really am.  And also when someone asks me where I see the relationship going, DO NOT SAY, “Nowhere”.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • jana

    Love ya Kristine. Glad you made it to the other side. You are a very strong person, I admire you. I hope you can see the light that so many others see in you!

    Merry christmas, have fun with your girls!

  • Peggy R

    Sweet Kristine,

    2009 was a long tough year for many of us, but the combination of vulnerability and strength that you’ve shown has been an inspiration for all of us. You are a wonderful example for your daughters. Wishing you and the girls all the best in the New Year.