Random and Odd

Have you ever…

Here’s a totally hypothetical situation.
I am going to change the wording around a little bit because just in case someone is reading this and doesn’t believe me when I say ‘hypothetical’.  Really, who believes someone when they say, “hypothetically”. See, right there, I tossed that word into the ” ” because I either don’t believe the word is actually a word or it’s just a word that is being loosely used.   The fact that word, ‘totally’ is thrown in front of the word hypothetical is almost like trying to convince your mother that you didn’t skip school, all the while your face is twitching and your sweating buckets.

So, to my questions that is totally hypothetical;

Has someone ever been “Blah, blah, blah…(this is a form of wording used to decribe that someone is either saying something monumentally stupid, totally irrelevant, or just talking shit out of the side of her (or his) mouth –in this case, ALL THREE) …blah…blah….Blllllllllahhhhhh.”
and then you’re all, “Shut the fuck up, Bitch.”


Hypothetically speaking, I’m the one thinking; ‘shut the fuck up, bitch’.