Random and Odd

Auto Update…

Along with Tivo, I wish life had a pause, rewind and fast forward option. I didn’t watch Click because I don’t want to ruin the image of the perfect world I have in my head.
Well, along with the beforementioned options, I would like to add: Auto Update.

When things are getting old. Auto Update. I want to wake up and have my house look like it was raped by Ikea.  My attempts at making my world a little cooler to look at— end in failure.  I have found that the Ikea look isn’t something that can be done in phases. If you get one thing, GET THEM ALL because anything from Ikea will look out of place if you don’t buy the whole damn room.

The auto update will come in handy when my wardrobe is like it is now; a combination of “Best of Fugly” and something that Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company use to wear.  Auto Update would compile information from “What Not To Wear” and the next time I opened my closet door the insane volume of sweat pants  I own, would be jeans that made me look like I have an ass and not the hind quarters of a donkey.

Auto Update would ALWAYS remember to update my blog, twitter, facebook, youtube…you get the picture.

Auto Update would be certain to delete Mariah Carey music from my computer so in times like, right now, Marina won’t play a song, leaving me with the words to “Hero” repeating over and over before I stab at my ears with my highlighters or a random straw.