Random and Odd

box it up or donate it. It has GOT TO GO.

I’ve sort of been on this, ‘throw away everything you have ever owned’ kick lately.  It started with 80% of the content in my garage.   I couldn’t be happier.  Well, that’s just a stupid statement, OF COURSE I COULD BE HAPPIER.
I’m just really glad that the crap that was attracting mice is now out of my garage.  I’m glad the stuff that I have been holding on for other people is out of my garage. Well, a majority of it anyway.  I’m going to give him ONE more warning about it and if it’s not out, I take 1% of the baby pictures he has in 4 storage bins and I send it to him and then give him 2 weeks to come get the other 99%.  Sounds fair right?

Next is the closet. I have weeded my clothes down to ‘haven’t worn it/won’t wear it/don’t fit/what was I thinking when I bought ORANGE?  and ‘keep’.   4 bags of useless clothes later, I have room in my closet to hang up my hoodies.  Now this is the part that confuses the hell out of me.  When did I go through a phase in my life when I thought I needed a hood attached to all my shirts and warm clothing?
Don’t get me started on the sheer volume of sweat pants I own.
It’s like Where’s Waldo of dress pants in my closet.

“I’m looking for a blazer and black dress pants. It’s not on this page. I give up!”

My sweat pants were weeded through too and I had to justify holding on to 2 pairs of each of my favorite types; the cut off sweat. the capri sweat. the full length and acceptable at the gym sweat.
Sadly, I only own one pair that I would be caught dead in outside of my home.

The next room to get the strip down is the kitchen.  *evil laughter*

I feel like K-Mart announcing the blue light special….EVERYTHING MUST GO!

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  • Liz

    I usually have an urge to go through my closet once a year or sometimes once every 6 months. My moto is if I have not wore the piece in a year, they are gone.

  • Elly

    Oh good job! I’m an avid tidy-er, and my bestie and I are lucky enough to be close in size, so when I went through my wardrobe I ended up giving her at least half of the stuff I don’t wear anymore!

    And it’s so satisfying not having to wade through that stuff to get to things I would wear! :)

    Go you for rocking this kick! :)

  • Sy

    I’m so afraid to throw away my things! I’m such a pack rat. I’ll keep things that don’t even fit me just in-case they will in the future. I’m so terrible at giving things up.

    I’ll keep paper that’s been written on because I somehow think I’ll manually recycle it on my own.

    Props to you for being able to do this!

  • Sandy

    I so needed to do the same thing. I did alittle awhile back, but it’s time to do the big go through everything. Hope you have a great weekend. Sending lot’s of Love and Hug’s…..

  • MrsDoF

    Didn’t Tyler live in the garage for awhile?

    It’s still too cold to think about Spring cleaning.
    Besides, I want to lose the weight to be able to get into some of my shirts again.

    You keep on working though. I’ll catch up….