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Quit Smoking — Take 1

I started taking Chantix yesterday.  I read the pamphlet that came with the quit-smoking-pills and knew that I would probably have to deal with the side effects as they came.

After the first pill kicked in, I got overwhelmingly tired.  One of the side effects mentioned I would be tired, but since I had been on Xanax (the king of tired pills) I figured it couldn’t be worse than that.  Wrong.  I had to drive home and when I got there I passed out on my bed using the uncomfortable pillow so I wouldn’t sleep too long.  The pillow is one of those cutsie ones you don’t really use because it has crisscross patterns and it just for decoration.  I woke up an hour later with waffle like marks indented in my face.
The pamphlet also mentions ‘mood swings’, ‘mood changes’, ‘depression’ & ‘suicidal tendencies’.  As a woman, mood swings and changes come and go off and on all month long. Depression runs in the family and I had dealt with depression and suicidal tendencies after I had Shea. This would all be worth it if I could quit smoking.
The rest of the day, I didn’t feel much different except that I felt sort of ‘blah’.
By the end of the day I just wanted Shaun to hold me and make me feel something other than blank.

Today is day two.  I took the pill early on in the day so I don’t pass out before I have to pick up the kids.  I decided to read some of the websites on the product I’m taking.  It looks like this is going to be an interesting ride for me. Hopefully I can exchange the tired feeling for the  hallucinations.

Until then, don’t mind me…I’m just going to cuddle up with the waffle pillow and hope that I can get excited about something.

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  • shelz

    u hace to really want to quit….sounds like u do. somethings gotta work to help u with the struggle. good luck to u. whoever said they quit cold turkey *raises hand* with no suicidal homicidal tendencies is a big fat liar!

  • randomandodd

    I’ve quit 3 times, each time I was pregnant and for years after that. It wasn’t a problem, but it seems like lately that I am smoking WAY more than I use to and I just have to stop all together. Cutting back isn’t an option.

  • kimmyk

    my mom smoked almost 2 packs a day and quit after 2 weeks on chantix. she had wicked dreams the whole time though.

    good luck with it! i hope it works for you.

  • Sandy

    Good Luck hun….I don’t smoke myself but I have heard of some friends taking that and having good results. Sending you lot’s of Love and Hug’s…..

  • Melanie a.k.a seahorse photography

    I really want to know how this works out for you. My husband got this the other day but hasn’t made up his mind to start taking it yet. Several of his coworkers have quit smoking using this and swear by it, so I would like to know your opinion.

  • Kimberly

    If you decide you hate it (or even if you don’t decide that, I guess), Wellubtrin worked for me. Or I guess they call it Zyban for non-smoking. I stayed on it for anti-depressant afterwards.

  • mandy

    Firstly, it’s like a million dollars and ins doesn’t cover it. Stinks.

    My husband, my teenager and myself all started it the same day…by the end of day one, we were at eachother’s throats so bad I thought someone might actually get hurt! We continued for one more day, then all the bad side effects hit me at once and I was a crazy lunatic until it was out of my system. Never again. I quit with the patch after that. Whewee that was bad. I hope you can do it and it doesn’t bother you. My MIL did it and was fine, hasn’t smoked in 1 year I think.

    I support your decision to quit! Just from the economical standpoint, I’d rather spend that 4 bucks a day at starbucks, but I don’t. Wish I did though.