Random and Odd

Remember; “I wish”?

I wish for something, you comment back granting me that wish and then fuck it up and then ask for your own wish.

randomandodd: I wish I could get it together.
you: GRANTED! but once you get it all together you realize it’s in boxes and on a U-haul to nowhere.  I wish I had a million dollars.
someoneelse: GRANTED! but you have to give that million to your ex-wife. i wish…

and so starts the cycle.

SO let’s start with me.

I wish my body didn’t look like I was pregnant with the Michelin Tire baby.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Charlotte

    Granted, but it looks like you’re pregnant with the Pillsbury Dough Boy instead.


  • heather

    but it’s hairless and just looks sad all the time.

    i wish hot wings and beer were healthy for you.

  • Allisone

    Dave granted … but if you meant the woman over 40 kind of cougar, you get an actual large feline.

    If you meant an actual large feline, then you get the woman over 40.

    I wish I could get the theme song for Gilligan’s Island out of my head.

  • Allisone

    Doh! It’s a trend.
    So, Hot wings and beer are healthy for you but you work at a fast food salad place.

    I still wish I didn’t have that darn song in my head.

  • randomandodd

    Granted! but now you have The Brady Bunch theme song stuck in there to replace it.

    I wish there was an ability actually wish someone off the face of the earth, and it was a power I possessed.

  • Shana

    Granted, but you somehow got the incantation wrong and wished the earth tattooed on someones face.

    I wish my house was clean, so I don’t have to do it myself.

  • Ferngoddess

    Granted but the power has been out and the pipes haven been frozen for a week and a half and there is no way out of the house.

    I wish I was only working one job.

  • No Dramas

    Granted but all you can read is those big manuals that come with household appliances that no one ever reads.

    I wish it was the end of the day already and I was home from work and not going to work!

  • Fantastagirl

    Granted – but now you are laid off for the next 6 weeks.

    I wish that our School system could get their act together, and they didn’t have to cut 13 teachers.

  • Ferngoddess

    Granted but now you get everything you ever wished even that boy in high school that you wished over and over would love you back.

    I wish I was only working one job.

  • Mit

    Superchick: Granted … but it picked your nearest and dearest to descend upon, and now you have to take care of them!

    I wish … my house-guest WAS that into me. *sigh*

  • Closet Metro

    Mit – He IS that into you, but he’s married, and he’s still into her too.

    I wish Kristine the best of luck on quitting smoking.

  • joeinvegas

    Granted, but now – oh heck, I can’t put anything back on Kristine, that’s low – but now that she has given up smoking she’s hooked on tuna fish flavored lollipops.

    I wish I could think up better things to put in people’s comment boxes, that didn’t sound so lame.

  • randomandodd

    Oh Joe, you’re in trouble now!

    GRANTED! but you’re so witty and funny that you become so popular and in demand that you have to comment on EVERYONE’S site…leaving you with no time to eat or drink.

    I wish my addiction to tuna fish flavored lollipops would be cursed upon Joe!

  • shelli b

    granted…instead u lost your voice and no one can hear anything. i wish my team was playing te superbowl so the commercials and monsters/aliens 3d wasnt the only thing to look forward to.

  • Ms. Batman

    Granted but all the commercials suck this year including the 1 second commercial paid for my miller lite.

    I wish I had enough readers/comments on my blog to play this game there. I love this game!!!

  • Her

    Granted- but all your readers were mean to you and just bashed you the whole game.

    I wish people would understand how I feel.