Random and Odd

2009 just broke up.


My heart hurts and I want to drink Liquid Drano.

At least 2008 gave me 6 months of blind joy before he brutally ripped my heart out.  2009 took me to the top of a building to show me the beautiful skyline and stars above. He was romantic and  hopeful.  Then he pushed me off of that building and I am currently still falling at a high rate of speed waiting to hit the ground.  All the while I am thinking, “This is a joke, right?”
SOMEONE will open their window and see what is happening and be able to do something…right?  I actually caught the edge of a window frame last night and held on until this morning.   As I was dangling there, I was confronted by pigeons. I figured, ‘just let go…who wants to die by pigeons?’.

It’s weird, as you falling off a building you think about really stupid things.
“Who’s going to take care of the dogs?” “I have no control over who gets to go to my funeral! how unfair!” “I probably should have put on underwear.”

This will actually be my last post for awhile. GoDaddy keeps asking me to renew my name…and I just haven’t done it yet. I think I might, I don’t know. I’m too busy hoping I can land on that leafy foliage beneath me, but have a feeling someone will rip it out and put in spiky, wrought iron fence before I actually hit.

And happy Friday to all of you.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Sin

    Aww! Keep your chin up, sweetie! May not know you in person, but I LIVE for your posts (and myspace surveys!). I promise it’ll get better. I’ve been to hell and back, so I can make that promise. Take care!

  • kimmyk

    wow. you guys broke up already? that was quick. maybe you should give 2009 another chance? a do over ya know? think about it while you’re dangling on the ledge.

  • randomandodd

    KimmyK, I don’t know. He’s such an ass. Not only was he verbally and physically abusive, he divided my family and friends and now they are on his side.

  • kimmyk

    i’ve had a few years in my past that were asses too. feb. 2008-he really showed his ass that month. and don’t get me started on 1998 cause that shit sucked too. he took your friends and your family? major ass. but you know what kris? we are your friends and your family and no mr 2009 can take that way. thick and thin…here we are.

    but still…2009 sucks. i get it.

  • bdrgrl

    it’s about time you cut him loose. He has been cheating on you for over a year with tht fat cow Cristina.
    best of luck you are a strong woman!!

  • LIB

    Here’s hoping you land on the leafy patch, sustain only minor injuries, get over the break up and come back to us when you’re up to it. (( ))*hugs.*

  • Cheeky

    You too??? I thought 2009 was going to be better. 2009 is trying to kick my ass but I am fighting back. We keep trading blows. Right now its a draw……

  • Kimberly

    Please be okay.
    Hey, did you ever use the iTunes gift certificate I sent? Buy some angry music – it seems to help me for some reason. Or happy music, if that’s better :)
    Hang tough, I have total faith in you. xoxo

  • justme

    It sucks when we get pushed off before we have a chance to jump when we are ready. Remember you have a lot of people holding on to your hand really tight! And you will land the soft leafy stuff, then you can kick 2009 ass!

  • Tutu

    Kristine, get in your car and go over to Stanford for second, third or tenth opinions on what is going on inside you. You can’t let this go on and on.
    Oh and renew the name–some crazy ass person will take it and when 2009 gets better you will be mad.

  • Michelle

    It sounds like life is just utterly crappy these days. Not sure of the details but you are stronger than it all! Take the time you need to retreat and garner your strength again. You have so many readers and commenters here but know I am always here to listen. Sometimes a good vent to someone who doesn’t know anyone that you are venting about can help! Hang on, you can kick all the ass that is happening right now.

  • mandy

    I am so sorry to hear how awful 2009 has been. I wish you all the best, and mostly peace in your life, in your heart and in 2009. Lots of peace girl. Hang on though, don’t you dare let go. And please keep coming here…don’t shut us out. We love you always.

  • JoeInVegas

    OH, wait – hang on a few seconds longer, I’m on my way with an inflatable matress to shove under you, but the bottles of tequila keep banging together.
    And send GoDaddy that twelve bucks and keep the name going, we look forward to things here.

  • Carlene

    I can’t imagine my day without ckecking in with you! I know I don’t comment much (once before) but please don’t go! If JoeinVegas breaks the tequila, I’ll run out and get some:) Hang on, it sounds like a crowd is gathering to catch you!!!

  • Army of Mom

    Baby, I can give you my phone number again if you just need a shoulder to cry on. Seriously. I’ve been there and done that and I can recall feeling like life was over – but I made it through and things got even better than they were before. It is just awful for a while. Hang in there. The blogosphere would miss you if you quit … plus, think of us like a cheap therapist. :)

  • Monica

    Hi Kristine,
    I have been reading your posts for years, I love the way you write and share your inner most feelings. It is always so moving and real. I am really sorry to hear about what is going on with you and Shaun but I felt compelled to write to you and let you know that this too shall pass, I know a bunch of BS but just keep putting one foot in front of the other and ALWAYS remember “NEVER make anyone a priority when they make you an option!”

    Hang in there girlie and if you ever want to say hi just give me a shout out!


  • Sandy

    Hey hun, I wish I could help make everything better. I’m here anytime for you. I will send you my home phone number and if you ever want to talk I have an ear ready to listen. Sending lot’s of Love and hug’s to you.