Random and Odd

*sniff* can you smell that?

No, it’s not teen spirit or sex and candy.

I have super sonic smelling.  No, I’m not pregnant. Jesus people!

For some reason, maybe I am a mutant freak from the antibiotics, but I can smell everything with extreme sensitivity.

Perfume is out of the question.  I put some on the other day and I complained ALL day about it. When I got home, I took a shower and I could still smell it.  I put on some lotion from Bath and Body Works, same thing.
“Oh my god, I STINK!”
“I feel all icky!!!”

I’m not sure why this is happening, but it’s horribly uncomfortable for me…BECAUSE I SMOKE!  Is this some stupid joke on my system?  I already know that smoking stinks, but I don’t notice it unless it’s cold, early or not me smoking.  Now, I can smell everything, all the time.
Food has been one of those things that usually has a pleasant smell…not so much anymore.  Things are either too much or tangy in my nose.  Nothing really smells good.

Curse or Dream? I haven’t figured out which one yet.