Random and Odd

Chicken noodle soup.

My mom, with her sensitive nose, use to refer to BO as, “Eww, that man smells like Chicken Noodle Soup!” so now whenever I make it, the image of my mother’s crinkled up nose at some nasty old man with bad, bad, bad, BO comes to mind.

Kara called this morning and said she needed a ride to Target to take pictures for the yearbook.  I peeked out the window and saw that it was cold.  I put on my long sleeve sweater, jeans, uggs, and a big long sweater over that and a wool hat.  The rush to pick her up and the lollygagging around Target made me heat up quickly.   I realized I was actually sweating and I took off a layer of the clothing when I smelled it….chicken noodle soup.  “Oh God. I have become that stinky, old man in line!”
It was about then when I ran into this nice couple looking at the same thing I was. They had obviously done something I am horrible at, ‘price compairing’.
“It’s cheaper at Best Buy.” they told me.  I informed them I would have to go over there and pick it up.
First I would run home and shower though.

30 minutes later, no shower, but change of clothes and an absurd amount of perfume, I headed over to Best Buy.
The odds of running into those people should be rare, but of course, they were there.
“Hey, it’s you!”
I was so embarrassed that I had completely changed my whole outfit and felt the need to explain. “I was so warm, I had to change.”  They looked at me like I was retard. Like, did they really care?

The couple were so proud they had gone to Sears and found the gift for even less and Best Buy would price match.  So I had to stand in line with them with our gifts so we could get the same price.

I prayed they wouldn’t get in their car and say something about the crazy amount of perfume I had on.  I would say, “Ahh, no big deal…I’ll never see those people again!”  but knowing my luck, I probably will.

Christmas shopping…DONE.  Shower…NEXT.