Random and Odd

Clusterfucked Royale

I’ve mentioned before how much I hate Kaiser Health right?  With that said, I got back my test results. I have E Coli. The doctor sent me the test results and I don’t know why, but didn’t give a damn explaination with them. Just says, more than 100,000 col/ml of the long name.

In order to figure if my body was going to break out in a flesh eating e coli nightmare or if I can go frolic in the fallen leaves, I had to call the doctor to get some explanation on what the hell all that stuff meant.

I gotta whole lotta Nadda.

With that said…I’m going to see my family for Christmas!  I’m so freaking excited! My sister had emailed me the other day saying that her son was going to have Christmas Eve dinner at his place. His place HAS SNOW!
SNOW! that stuff I would cuss at as I had to walk to school in moon boots. The stuff that made me curse living in the mountains and swear once I moved away I would never, ever spend another day in the snow unless it involved a pair of a skis or hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps.
Now I am digging out my boots and big-girl jacket and counting the days down before I get to leave to see my family.
I’m COUNTING THE DAYS DOWN like a kid for Christmas!

I would like to celebrate this moment in song and share it with you all, but Shaun said you all would stop coming here because all of your suspicions of me being a little on the crazy side would be confirmed.

Family, Snow and my sister’s cranberry bread…life is good. Actually, it will be perfect!