Random and Odd

Rocking this party 8 days a week!

So it’s been a few days of absolutely NO pills in my body.  Like I mentioned, If none of them are working, I’m not taking any of them. I also stopped all soda, coffee and sugar…just in case!
A couple of days it seemed alright. My insides still hurt, but I could manage it with 800 mg of Ibuprofen.
This morning I woke up and nearly passed out with the pain.

I called the doctor at 8am and told the nurse, “I’m coming in to take ANOTHER urine test.”
Kaiser’s lab has seen more of my urine than a men’s bathroom at Yankee stadium.
When I got there, it had gotten worse.
I took the test and decided, “Fuck it, I’m going to sit in the office until he sees me.”
Getting an appointment with this certain urologist is harder than getting Jonas Brother concert tickets.
I went to the receptionist and said, “Hi, my name is Kristine, I called this morning….”
“Oh yeah, I have a little post-it to remind me to call you later today…”
“I’m peeing blood.”
“Alrighty then, we are going to need  you to give us a urine sample.”
I told her that I just gave them one at the lab and she said, “He’s going to want me to run it and look at it.”
When you have bladder infection, it doesn’t take long to have to pee so I took her little cup and made a dash to the bathroom.
After I was done, the nurse came out a few minutes later with eyes wide and said, “STAY HERE. He will see you soon!”
I guess when your pee looks like strawberry lemonade they start taking you serious.

The doctor came in and said, “You have an infection!”
The next words should have been, “NO DUH.” but I said, “THANK YOU!” who thanks their doctor for an infection?
He put down my pee cup and said, “This is a BAD infection.”
“Let’s fix this!” I said half happy, half trying not to pee myself. (It had been 4 minutes since the last trip the bathroom)
He was in between appointment with people had sold their kidney to see him so he had to give me the news and run back out. This went on for a good hour.
During this hour I had ran to the bathroom SIX times.
His last visit I asked him, “What’s our next step?”
and then he said that word that made me cringe.
We went over all the antibiotics that I couldn’t take anymore and he was very discouraged about the outcome.

I’m big on ‘personal space’ and try to make sure that people don’t get into mine and I stay out of theirs. I got all into his personal space and I asked him, “Be honest with me…brutally honest…what do you think the problem is?”
He has known that I’m frustrated by all of this because I have seen him so many times and every time he tells me he doesn’t know what it is, I nearly break down and have a crying fit on his floor.
He avoided this question and talked about what we could do.
“No, tell me. At this point, you can’t tell me anything that is going to make my life worse, unless you told me that all my kids were in a car accident with my sister and mom and they are all dead.  If it’s cancer, let’s start some chemotherapy.”
He hesitated, but told me what he thinks it is.
“I think it’s E Coli.” He waited for the break down.
“Okay, how do we get rid of it?” I had a name. Merry Christmas, I have a name!
“The thing is, you’ve been on so many antibiotics and it’s compromised your immune system and your ability to take anything will get rid of it.”
“Alright, worst case?”
“It could be fatal.  The best case is we get the results back and we put you in the hospital for a couple days and have you take the antibiotics through a IV.”

I find out on Monday.

The doctor gave me shot in the ass with antibiotics and put me on some serious oral antibiotics.  I go back on Friday for a follow up appointment.

I MIGHT have the name to what is wrong.
I MIGHT be able to fix this!

This antibiotic is making me want to hurl.
I might be spending my holidays in the hospital.
Another weekend spent in bed fighting this stupid thing.
I will never, ever, ever eat meat again if this is the problem.

Anyone else know anyone who’d had this problem?  I know just a little bit more than zero (thanks wikipedia) about this.