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I’m still so freaking excited I can go home for Christmas!
I’ve been checking the forecast of the weather.. :::high pitch squeal::: CHANCES OF SNOW!

Found out something; When you’re searching for ‘street webcams’ for the area on cal-trans websites, you might need to make sure that the town you’re going to, HAS STREETS.  And also, if you’re looking at 11:30 at night, the web cams will be black. Just so you know.

3 Responses to “Yeeee!”

  1. dashababy Says:

    Hey weirdo, glad to hear you are still coming. I’m holding my breath though. I feel like something is going happen that will prevent you from getting here. I hear we might get snow on Monday. Today, it’s 24 degrees, wow, that’s cold.
    love you xoxoxox

  2. mlmama Says:

    You crack me up. I too, am very blonde at moments and would not think that street cams would be dark at 11:30 at night. There are street lights, right? Anyway, I love the crazy, you say what I’m thinking ALOT. :)

  3. Dave Vogt Says:

    I’m stuck in VA for christmas, and slim chance of snow for Christmas here–

    –and still they say global warming is a myth. Maybe terrorists are taking my snow.