Random and Odd

I did not pass out!

It’s looking like my inability to sleep is so stubborn that even a pill that will drop my blood pressure so low that it causes blacking out, will not work on me.  Who would have guessed I would be happy for the stubborn no-sleep gene?

I took the pill last night and then realized I didn’t ask the doctor, “If I pass out, do I have someone wake me?”
Yes, someone was going to need to wake me, prop my feet up, get the blood going back to my hear and such.  I figured within 20 minutes the pill would be in my system and the tunnel vision would happen. It didn’t. Something even more fun happened.

Imagine if you will that feeling you get right after you get off the Gravitron at the fair.  I wasn’t spinning, it just felt like had been spinning for 5 solid minutes with Metalica playing at volume 11 for two hours.  The sicky-spinny-going-to-hurl-my-funnel-cake feeling along with this ringing so loud I can’t hear anything else.

So far, I haven’t had an ‘episode’. I can stand up and walk, but I look drunk doing it.  I have decided that if the ringing in my ears don’t stop, I will take a q-tip and jab my ear drums out.