Random and Odd

Damn it!

Well, I thought yesterday those pills were it. I went all day without the ‘episode’, and I actually thought to myself, ‘you know what? I can handle the ringing in my ears and the dizzyness, and maybe I will get use to it and drive again soon!” I had hope yesterday.

Hope was lost this morning.   The infection-like feeling is back.

I am not  80 year old man with prostate problems.
I tried it, it didn’t work, one less thing to test in the future.
I will be able to drive.
I wasn’t allergic to the medication and didn’t have to go through the hives like the last time.
Spent the weekend with a spinning head, ringing ears, hangover feeling without all the crazy stories of, “OH MY GOD, do you remember what you did last night?” and reenactments of me dancing on the bar.

It didn’t work.
More antibiotics.