Random and Odd

Why does all the spam mail come in around midnight?

It seems like I get all those weird spam mails after midnight. I wonder if those people work from home or if they are dragging themselves into the office at 3 am to start mass emailing. Maybe it’s a machine that send them out? I don’t know, spam is like magic, best if I don’t know how it gets there, just that it does.

So, it totally felt like Tuesday all day today.  Now it’s Thursday and I feel like I missed a whole day. What did I accomplish in that lost day? A trip to the store and some minor anxiety attacks about…oh, everything.

I did get to visit with my friend Ruka tonight for a little while.  I’m pretty sure I have a sickness, I mean, other than the one that is eating away at my kidney/bladder.  She had an ipod. It looks like mine. (every time I say I have an ipod it makes me tingly) anyway, hers has colors.  So my new mission is to convince her to buy a BIGGER ipod and give me her old one. AND THIS WILL START MY COLLECTION OBSESSION WITH IPODS!   I have mentioned in past posts (that I refuse to go find for your reading pleasure) that if I have one of something, I need 2. then three. then four.  You all know how many digital cameras are in my house right? WAY TOO MANY. Some big, some small, some that are nearly 10 years old. I can’t stop.  Before that it was watches.  I have one watch I wear and it’s the kind you have to wind up…but a drawer full of watches.
THANK GOD I don’t have an obsession with like diamonds or something, cause that would get pricey. No one just sends people diamonds. But then again, who sends people ipods either? Kimmy does. She might be one of those non-obsessive-collection people.  I’m rambling.

So it’s Thursday and you have your SPF (look up to the right, see, I do update it!) and it’s A GIFT YOU HAVE RECEIVED. This month is all about giving.  Anyone need a watch?
I’m actually going to put some effort into this one. Like work hard at making it just right. Capture the beauty of a gift.
I love my red stapler that The Merry Widow sent me back in 2005. When I use it as my default picture, people think i’m holding a dildo.

Didn’t think we were going to make it out of this blog without something totally offensive did you?