Random and Odd

postcard from the 2001 kristine

I’m trying to locate the bedroom floor again.  It’s weird how many times I do that in a month huh?

I stumbled on about 7 old check books.  Not that anyone could actually get anything if they stole my identity, but I do take some precautions and destroying checkbooks from accounts that are not active is one of them.  I found the carbon copy from some checks I had written years ago and decided to look at them before I began my destruction ripping.

It’s was like the past-me came up to now-me and slapped me right in the face. HARD.
I spent money on real hair care products. I spent money on books from the old book store from the town over. I had a lunch with a friend. I spent Monday night at a place to watch football with others around me and I bought a drink. I took my car in for oil changes.   I enrolled in college.

I know just going through an old check book register does not really reveal the person I was and what I was going through at that time, because only I know where I was in my head…it just looked pretty good on paper for a minute.