Random and Odd

SPF: A gift you have been given…

Kimmy, who I can’t say enough about, is totally awesome and gave me her old Ipod. She will never in a million years know how much this means to me. I know I have said that before, but really…it means the world to me.  She knew it was something I have always wanted…and when she got a new one, she gifted me with her old one.

It meant so much to me, I made a set on flickr for it. I hope to update it with different pictures, in different places. Maybe that will be next years mission along with the magazine covers.

I have finally learned how to make playlists and I have a friend I have been asking, “Hey, music dork [he says, music daddy, i disagree.] give me musical suggestions!” and he has so I think it’s almost creepy that he has his own ‘playlist’ on my ipod. I figure this way, if I am playing music and I say, “Whoa, where did this lame/great song come from?” I can check where it’s coming from and say, “Ohhh, I see!”.   God forbid I download (legally, of course, Ruka) a lame song and not be able to blame it on someone else.
He has me hooked on Ray LaMontagne right now.

I got flowers today too!

Did you play?