Random and Odd

the one where i bore you all to death

I’m waiting for something so totally exciting to write before I hit, “Write Post”.
So far, i’ve got nothing.

My car got broken into when I went to the beach last weekend.  I was just starting to feel better and I couldn’t be more excited about getting the hell out of the house.   When the dumb-asses stole my wallet, they took other stupid things, like my ex-husband’s car keys.
You’re asking yourself, “Why does she have her ex-husband’s car keys?”  I’ve been driving his truck for about 2 months since we got rid of our car that was about to fall asleep and go where all cars go when they go to la-la land.

The thing is, neither one of us have an extra set of keys.  So now, I’m making his truck payment on a truck I can’t drive because it’s going to cost me 400 bucks to have it re-keyed. (Some lame chip in it that starts the car that is in the key…how lame is that?)

Also, I have no keys to my house or my mailbox.

Exciting things are not afoot in the Random and Odd house.

Other than that, I think I’m losing my mind.  *shrug*

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.