Random and Odd

The one where I die from the paindom of it all….

After I posted the last blog about the cyst, I got a 9pm phone call from my urologist.  Now, when you get a call that late from your doctor, especially one that deals with what my sister calls it, ‘the filtration system’, it can’t be good.

He was afraid the cyst was pushing against my bladder and causing the problem, but he also said it might not be a cyst, but a tumor that was attaching to the bladder.  Either way, I needed to see my gynecologist to get a sonogram to check it out.

To catch you up.  In the beginning of July I got a bladder infection. I have been on 5 different types of antibiotics, 1 trip to the ER, 2 allergic reactions, a CT scan, an ultrasound, my car broken into, my phone and wallet stolen and have lost the will to live.   That’s just a recap.

I had to get an emergency appointment for the gynecologist and she said, “It’s a cyst. You’re fine. No sonogram needed, the CT scan shows it’s big, but it’s fine.”  I got felt up for nothing. I spent 15 dollars for nothing.  BUT, she did put me on ANOTHER type of antibiotic…just in case.
On Friday I went in for the urology appointment where, “Have you ever had to have a catheter? it’s like that, but with a little flashlight and camera on it, not too painful, just uncomfortable” appointment.
My sister insisted on coming even though I tried to reassure her that with the amount of pain I have been in the past 3 months, THIS wasn’t going to do me in, THIS was going to be the answer.  I mean, come on…the guy has a flashlight AND A CAMERA, you can solve cold case murder mystery with a flashlight and camera!

Oh how wrong I was.

I now will never trust a man with a flashlight and camera attached to a fishing rod EVER again.

It wasn’t the size of what was going where no one has ever gone before, but the blade they had to use to get there.  I was fine until the doctor and nurse got ‘that  look’ and they pulled out some sharp objects and even though they tried to do whatever it was they were doing, really fast, it felt like they had ripped open my pee hole. Oh wait, THEY DID.  Kathy was holding my hand and when the pain got so bad that I burst into tears and began sobbing, she stayed there and kept saying it was almost over.   Just typing that made me feel the pain all over again.  I felt violated and tricked.  They could have said, “We are going to have to make this bigger and in order to do that, we are going to need to remove a bunch of stuff to get there and it’s going to hurt like a son of bitch.”, but they didn’t. They just went there and i’m still trying to get over the shock and trauma of it.

You could be saying, “Dramatic much?”  but for those of you that have had whatever it was that was done, will understand what I am talking about, for those of you that have never had it…go to the bathroom right now and pee.  Don’t take that little pleasure for granted anymore.  You can pee knowing you’re not peeing over  an open wound.   Go on, and pee like the wind!!  And when you’re done and you’re not screaming in pain or throwing up from it, put a big smile on your face.

They said the second day (today) would be worse. Shit, they were not kidding.

At the end of the appointment, I was certain I would hear the words, “Well, we figured it out and we fixed it.”…but I didn’t. They said, (once they could get to the bladder after drilling a new hole and spelunking around a bit) that my bladder actually looked fine.

So what’s the problem?  *shrug*  They still don’t know.  Until then, I’m now on 2 antibiotics and bed rest until the bleeding stops.

*thank you Maria for the cookies.
*thank you sister for being there.