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Dan was one of the first people to put a professional camera in my hands and showed me how it worked. That was 17 years ago.
I never let a camera out of arms reach until the day he handed me a video camera.

It’s been about as long as he handed me his camera that he finally picked one up again.

Through hoops of fire, he was able to get a Nikon D40. It was not a spur of the moment buy. He had actually did a lot of research and asked me about 4,000 questions before he finally gave in and bought one.
Like a kid in a crack store, he’s been going crazy with his new toy. He bought a Flickr pro account so he can flood our photostreams with pictures of his cats.

In the search to find him the perfect camera that will fit all of his needs, I kept sneaking a few peeks at my sick obsession; Nikon D300.

Owning my own photography business, I can justify buying it. The fact that I have had my D70 for as long as I have (well over the estimated shutter release give out :29,000 and 56,000) and got so much more than the recreational use I thought I was going to get out of it.
I could TOTALLY justify buying it. I mean, I am going to need a bigger camera and the D70 will make a fine back up camera. THERE IS JUSTIFICATION DAMN IT.

Tonight I actually went in and was going to buy it, but because I am a moron, I didn’t get it.
Figuring it was God’s way of telling me that I shouldn’t buy it, I got the girls together and asked them if they had a hundred dollars, what would they spend it on. I figured it was going to be the perfect example of what normal people do when given unexpected money.

“If I gave you a hundred dollars, Alyx…what would you buy?”
“I would put it in my account and save it for college.” Shea chimes in with a ‘me too’

*blink* *blink* Whoa. Were are the children that at Target will plead with me for a toy until their throats bleed?

“ALYX. Shut up. You don’t have ‘an account'”
“Well, I should huh?” She looks up at me from my check book register that she is balancing.

“Yeah. whatever. So say you decided to spend it and not ‘save’ it. What would you buy?”
Looking up from the pile of receipts she says, “A vacation.”
“I’m thinking Hawaii. It will take some saving though.” She taps my check book register with her pen and recalculates the last entry. “So, have you made any deposits into this account?”


AND and I will making a withdrawal tomorrow! little accountant freak.

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  • ~Easy

    You should know by now that children lie.

    If I gave my kids a hndred dollars they’d hand it back to me and say they wanted to download a hundred dollars worth of music and/or videos from iTunes.

  • Melissa

    Kids are f’ing funny like that – always have a way of putting you in your place at the most unexpected times. :) Can you send her over here to balance my checkbook?

  • Tutu

    I got a new camera for Christmas and already spent as much as it cost on other stuff I needed. I love it but man is it even an expensive hobby. I am now part of your Nikon family. I wish you could teach me stuff.

  • Undercover Mutha

    You will love the D300. I upgraded from the D70s, too. The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is the image size…on CF’s and on my computer.

    I’m salivating over the D3 now, though. Maybe in a few years.

  • S

    She may have a point. Save her hundred dollars (and I suppose a lot more) for college, let her go into accounting, hopefully she’ll get rich, and THEN, she can buy Mommy many beautiful Nikon cameras. Paul Simon would be in heaven.

  • Lexi aka Mrs Craig

    And I thought I was the only one who let my child balance my checking account, LOL –
    I held the D300 yesterday at BestBuy – I so lust after it – I want it too!!!! Good Luck!

  • Tom

    Easy solution… Spend Alyx’s college fund on the D300. Surely she wont miss is with all of those $100s she’ll be putting in there.

    Or, here’s a better justification. Let’s say you were planning on buying the D3, but you decided to “settle” with the D300, thereby SAVING over $3K.

    Who can argue with that?