Random and Odd

If I’m to be your camera, then who will be your face?

We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

In the past few days, I have been touched by the Electronic Gods.  My laptop had been returned to HP three times to have the motherboard replaced.  The Gods of HP decided that it was going to get junked and replaced.  I got to pick the replacement, WITHIN reason. I had to have the same stats as my old laptop.  Yeah, well…I sweet talked my way into a laptop that all but toasts my bread.   *singing* Shhhhheee’s  a beauuuty!
No, it’s not a Mac, but what-ev’.

And yeah. The tax returnith comith.  Shaun’s sporting a new Nikon D300.  I say, “Shaun” because he’s been pouting that I have been getting all these fancy new things and he is still on the desktop that is held together with dog hair and Cherry Coke.

D300 isn’t a point and click like the D70.  No no no, my friends. This camera doesn’t have any of those fun ‘presets’. No auto on this thing.
My brain fried after 3 minutes of using it.
Guess what I get to do? READ THE DAMN MANUAL.

This camera is going to challenge the hell out of me.  Something I try to avoid, but Alrighty.

So, name selection for TWO objects.  My brand new WHITE laptop (yes, they say once you go black, you can’t go back…I BEG TO DIFFER.)  and the Nikon D300.

What are the suggestions?

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  • Liza

    I had to have my sister name my new camera for me…I’m not good at naming everything, though my iPod is Scoogie and will always be Scoogie and every iPod will be Scoogie. And my cell phone is Leila after I had a dream that she was named Leila. My alarm clock is Lilly, Leila’s twin sister. It was a really weird dream.

    I’ve always thought Boobs McGee was a great name for something.

  • Charlotte

    Your laptop should clearly be named “Honky” or “Cracker” or “Vanilla Ice.” And since Shaun is such a baseball fan, I think he should name it after the first pitcher in the 300 Club (300 wins). Dude’s name was Pud Galvin – how awesome is that? A camera named Pud. It’s poetry.

  • Dave Vogt

    I dunno, personally if I wasn’t looking at the Macbook Pro I’d definitely get a blackbook. It’s a proven fact that black computers run faster. I painted a friend’s black computer beige one time and suddenly it was running Windows 95.

    Ok, actually that’s a lie.

    As far as naming, I couldn’t really tell you. My computers all have male first names, vehicles and instruments are female. Devices don’t typically get names unless the computer needs something to call them, and then they’re typically horse breeds. I find that using a pattern makes it easier to remember.

  • No Dramas

    Oh I love Tom’s Yin and Yang suggestion.

    Oh course all the Nikon’s in your house are named after characters from My Name is Earl, so the D300, Joy. For the Joy she “WILL” bring you once you read that destruction book :)

    The laptop …. that was a toughie but I went with Larry. I like Larry :)

  • randomandodd

    Kara’s camera is named Joy, or is it crabman? I don’t remember. I was thinking of naming the laptop CHUCK BERKOWSKI.
    I’m thinking the camera needs a name that revolves around things that are VERY hard to understand. For me; Quantum Physics or spelling.

  • Melissa

    I don’t know about your laptop & camera, but the hubs and I have considered naming our next kid “Bitch Tits”. It’s always good for a laugh. And, let’s be honest, bitch tits are hard to understand.

  • Connie

    I have dropped so many cameras. Usually when I am in he car and it is in my lap and I forget about it and get out and it falls on the ground. I ruined a movie camera doing that.