Random and Odd

All Kinds of Random…

Kara is in Tahoe this weekend with her friend, Kyla.  I don’t know what it is, whenever she leaves to go somewhere, I miss her all the way in my bones.

I’m so in love with the orangutans on the Animal Planet show, “Orangutan Island”.  I want to move there and take care of them.  I want to know that when everyone is all growed up that I can pack up my backpack and move to some remote island and be a volunteer.  I would do all the horrible grunt work, if it means I get to hang out with those extraordinary animals.

McLovin got out and I when he got back in, I put him in his crate.  I sat down and put my hands on my face and let out a sigh of frustration.  When I removed my hands from my face, it was BURNING.  It felt like someone threw battery acid on me.  I started to panic.  I washed my face with Dawn dish soap to get whatever was on my face off.
I figured out that McLovin got sprayed with mace by someone.  When I grabbed his collar and put my hand on his fur, it got on my hands.
I can’t even imagine what first contact of that stuff feels like.
McLovin got his 3rd shower in one week.
My face dried up and fell off.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.