Random and Odd

“No Sheep, No Collies.” I might need to get some Sheep.

It’s going to rain for the rest of the week.

The dogs have spent the last three days at the dog park.  It dawned on Halo that, “Hey, it might be this big, ol’ dorky dog that is getting us all these cool car rides.”  Today she decided she liked him enough to allow him to engage her in a game of jumping up and down and biting each other’s ears.  Of course, when Hannah Montana came on TV, she brushed him off and told him to get lost.

It took 1 day for him to learn “sit” and 2 days to figure out that ‘IN’ means, “Go into the crate without biting me.”
It took 3 days to see him ‘SMILE’.
Shea was getting ready to leave with Dan and she was proudly showing him off as if he was AKC registered with a full name like, ‘You’ve lost that McLovin’ Feeling III’.    Out of nowhere, he smiled. Full goofy, bottom tooth grin.

I’m throwing myself into being a good dog owner.  In fact, I have been reading every thing there is to read about training a Border Collie.
It’s a good thing that the good stories outweigh the horror stories.  Let’s weight them out:
Horror Story: “My Border Collie figured out how to open the bathroom door and tore up all the toilet paper, opened the shampoo bottles and spilled them on the floor and then ate the toilet seat covers.”
Good Story: “My Border Collie helps me pick up laundry left on the floor.”

Hell yeah, bring it on!  Dog that helps me clean TIMES TWO?  If I can teach Halo how to fold the laundry and McLovin to put it away, and either one of them to take out the garbage, I’m getting a divorce and leaving my children with Dan!

Unlike Halo, McLovin’ is a shower dog.  Every time someone turns on the shower, he goes running in and gives you the puppy dog eyes if you don’t let him in with you.  He spends the whole time licking the bottom of the shower as if we don’t ever let him have water.  It’s cool though. I haven’t had to use the magic eraser in there since we got him!

Tonight he fell asleep at the bottom of the bed.  Shaun and I were watching him sleep without fear.  “Pretty far away from the pound, eh?”
I understand why he wasn’t adopted.
When we took him out to ‘socialize’ with him he pulled with great force. As soon as he got into the pen with us, he spent the whole time trying to get to the other fence where the Beagle was ‘socializing’ with his future owner.  He wanted more than anything to play with another dog.  He only realized we were there when Shaun picked up a ball, and it was only for a split second before he went back to figuring out how to get to the other containment area.
If any other people spent time with him, they wouldn’t have been impressed with him.  You would think that he would have gotten a clue when all the other dogs around him were getting adopted and he still sat in his cage.  He had not mastered the ‘Hey, take me home’ look or behavior.
If I knew nothing about his breed, I probably would have opted for a dog that was more social.  I’m so glad I already knew what I was going to be getting.

I knew eventually he would be in a deep sleep at the foot of the bed. In such a deep sleep that Shaun nearly had to pick him and carry him to his crate.

So with a week of rain means I won’t be able to take them to the dog park.  This might be a good time to start teaching them how to make lasagna and scrubbing the bathroom floor.