Random and Odd

Can you hear me now?

I made the HUGE mistake of taking the dogs to the park yesterday.  I factored in it was raining a little bit, but completely forgot about the mud.
McLovin is going to be calling Doggy Protective Services on me for bathing him too much.

When we first got him, Kara wasn’t happy about it. She wanted a pocket dog.  She made it perfectly clear that she wouldn’t be participating in anything that involved the moronic dog.
We had a debated discussion about him and it involved tears on both of our parts.
Last night, she taught him how to ‘shake’. I smiled from ear to ear for a solid 2 hours afterward.

Last night was also another break through for the two of them.  They willingly played and it didn’t end in one of them bleeding from the ears.
At the command “IN”, they both willing run into their crates and stay until I say they come out.   *score!*

I’ve been battling this cough and cold that in the beginning was just physically draining. Now I am HOPEFULLY at the end of it and I am now mentally drained from it.
The non-stop coughing has made me feel like I’ve done a million sit ups.  I just feel like every time I cough my brain is bouncing around in my skull.

Same ol’ Same ol’.

How you all doing?