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this post sucks, don’t read it.

Remember the Newlywed game? I always use to dream about being on that show. No really, it wasn’t that I WANTED to go on the show, I just would DREAM about being ON the show. Got it? Okay, good because this is going to be the choppiest segue in Random and Odd history.

When Dan and I were married I would wake up in the morning and say the EXACT SAME phrase. It got to the point to where it was even annoying hearing myself say it. I would think after all those years he had to wake up to me repeating the same thing I said the morning before, he probably tuned me out after the first year. In a special place in my heart, I would like to think that he actually remembered all of what I said and put it in a special file cabinet in his stupid, little brain and later I can ask him to download all the things I told him the morning so I can write a book.

So what did I say over and over, every. single. morning?

Is the suspense killing you? It is…I’ll just tell you without all the dramatic build up. Here ya go. Ready for it?

I would say, EVERY morning;

“Whoa. I just had theeeeee weirdest dream.”

Every morning that poor man would have to sit through me rambling on and on about strange animals, houses with rooms with nothing but showers and detachable penises.

Since Shaun has decided to spend the rest of his life with me, the baton has been passed to him and he has to hear me ramble on and on about the strangest dreams.

Last night I was up late with an exploding ovary and I had to take pain killers. My anti-anxiety pills, Xanax and pain killers makes for a wonderful cocktail of psychedelic dreams.
When I woke up this morning I couldn’t call anyone and tell them about the newest dream I had. I’ve been trying to process it for the last few hours and the first hour without coffee. Scary

The dream gave me such horrible guilt. I had a dream that I was cheating on Shaun. When he called me on it, I was so cold about it. Like, ‘whatever’. I had no feeling what-so-ever. This dream also involved watching a car accident, being bitten by a rat, driving a clown car as a ‘get away car’.

My sister just called to tell me about HER weird dream. Her dream involved a family friend having man on man with Will Farrell. Her dream is WAY weirder than mine.
Somehow this post just lost all the gust I had intended it to have. *sigh*

I don’t know how to end this post.

*squeaking clown nose*

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