the MD websites say it’s because of stress. Whatever. God just hates me.

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Yesterday my left eyelid started twitching. It wasn’t the cute, ‘Whoa, my eyelid just twitch for a second!” it was the, “DEAR LORD STOP” variety of eye twitching.

My eye has been twitching non-stop.  When it stops twitching for a few minutes it aches from all the twitching it was doing and I feel like I have the evil eye arch.  Just when I think it’s gone…TWITCH.

There is something strange that happens when you have a twitch.  You have to show everyone to confirm the twitch exists.  I keep throwing my face into Shaun’s; “SEE IT? DO YOU SEE IT TWITCHING?”  he starts giggling at me, which makes me frown and that sends the twitching deeper into my brain.
Tyler came into the bedroom to lay on the bed to watch TV and my eye started a full fledged twitching party.
“TYLER! LOOK! CAN YOU SEE MY TWITCH? OH MY GOD! see it? You do huh? You see the twitch-twitchity twitch thing right? see it?”  Of course, he giggled at me. No sympathy for the eye twitching.

It’s been 24 solid hours of twitching (I checked the videotapes, I was twitching while I slept too) and my eyelid hurts like hell.

Shaun said it looks like my eyebrow has bass.

Any closet eyelid twitchers out there?  How do you get it to go away!?

38 Responses to “the MD websites say it’s because of stress. Whatever. God just hates me.”

  1. Dawn Says:

    the lower lid on one of my eyes was doing that a couple of years ago. damn near droze me batty. one day it just… stopped. wouldn’t it figure *that* freaked me out too?? =P

  2. kimmyk Says:

    Welp, this I can help you with Kristine. I work for an Ophthalmologist and when people come see us with “twitching eyelids” it always comes down to allergies. Now you can say “But I’ve never had allergies before!?!” That could be true, but that’s usually what it’s from. Suggestion? Try using an over the counter moisturizing eye drop. [Soothe, Refresh Tears, etc…BUT NEVER use Visine!! Never! It’s very VERY bad for your eyes]

    Hopefully that’ll help.

  3. shellibells Says:

    I know the twitching. Take benadryl it’ll go away. i swear. and you’ll prolly feel good too lol

  4. Irish Church Lady Says:

    I had it too and it eventually went away on it’s own. I probably had it a few weeks. I attributed it to stress so I just tried to ignore it.

  5. Jenni Says:

    I had the eye-twitch thing for about a 6 hours, and it drove me nuts! I feel for you having to deal with it for 24 hours! Mine eventually just went away, although I did wind up pressing my finger on it, just to get a little peace. I’ve never heard of the allergy connection or the benadryl treatment before. I hope it works and that twitch is gone soon.

  6. randomandodd Says:

    I checked a bunch of websites and some said, ‘drink water’ some said ‘drink water upside down’…,..oh wait, that was the hiccups.

    There was a million different things they said to do. I didn’t read the one on allergies though.

    Any reason to take a benedryl!

  7. Carrie Says:

    When I am overly stressed the bottom lid on my right eye starts twitching like nobody’s business. My last job was so horrid and stressful that I had eye twitching coupled with painfully tight shoulders for the whole last month I was there – once I quit, it stopped a couple days later.

  8. barnmouse Says:

    When we were buying our house and weren’t sure if the previous owners had accepted our offer, my eye twitched so bad I thought it was trying to jump off my face. Now every time I’m in a stressful situation, there it goes again. I wish I knew how to make it stop. I’d tell ya’!

  9. randomandodd Says:

    It’s now 10:20 pm…and it’s STILL twitching. WTF?

  10. Lipglossles Says:

    I had eye twitching until I quit the job that made me miserable. It twitches on occassion when I am under stress…under any stress?

  11. william Says:

    I get the eye twitch all the time…I fix it with Vodka.

  12. Sarah Says:

    I was told that eye lid twitching is from being exhausted, and that I should drink some water and get some sleep. It didn’t work, so I rubbed my eye until I had a black eye (I don’t recommend that). Time is what it really takes.

    I’ll trade ya my continual sneezing for your eye twitchery.

  13. football widow Says:

    That happened to me a while back. My Dr. said to reduce stress, limit time in front of tv’s, computer screens, etc and to eat bananas. I figure the only thing I did out of that was eat bananas. It eventually stopped. Annoying though…

  14. Army of Mom Says:

    Mine does it, too, when I get stressed. The clue is to relax and try to ignore it and, uh, relax.

    Yeah, I know, easier said than done.

  15. Justme Says:

    Hi, de-lurking here, I think. I don’t think I have left a comment before? lol. Oh I feel your pain! I have had a twitching right eye for weeks now! It isn’t constant but when it starts it goes on for hours, then just stops. But it starts again eventually, ugh! Love your blog btw!

  16. Melanie Marie Says:

    OOOH, I am SOOOO sorry! That sucks. I had a twitch for 3 months. Thankfully it was not the “please, Lord, make it stop” kind.

    Turns out my prescription had changed and my eye was twitching as a result of the strain.

    Get your peepers checked!

  17. Pissy Says:

    How about just shut it and walk around with 1 eye open.


  18. Stacie Says:

    You’re not going to like this…

    Mine started about 2 MONTHS ago and still hasn’t stopped. I didn’t even bother to make an appointment with my neurogologist because I already know what he’s going to say…the same thing he said for my word blips, memory loss, weight gain, teeth clenching, and migraines. It’s all stress and until I get rid of it, I will continue to suffer.

    I find that holding it still helps when it’s really driving me crazy…but I don’t recommend driving while holding your eye shut with one hand…trust me on’s frowned upon.


  19. hippielalah Says:

    Yeah, I totally have that upper eyelid twitch thing. It’s very annoying and it just starts and stops on its own. It’ll twitch off and on all day then not twitch for days.

    I figured it was stress too. So I just try to relax when it’s happening. Breath and whatnot. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with the freaky eye twitch stuff.

  20. Charlotte Says:

    I recommend an eye patch. Arrggh, you scurvy scalawag!

  21. Charlotte Says:

    PS – Maybe this is because you go around wearing glasses with no actual glass in them. Could be straining your eyes a bit.

  22. Jen Says:

    My eye twitched for four months straight when my hubby was in Ramadi Iraq. Totally stress related. He came home and voila! it went away. A night out on the town with some girlfriends might help. =D

  23. randomandodd Says:

    Charlotte, you’re such a bitch ;)

    I talked to the doctor today about…well, everything…and it’s ‘STRESS RELATED’. It’s ‘REPRESSED’ stress.

  24. Kami Says:

    Oooooh, I hate that shit. It can also be eye strain. Get off the puter.

    Love you!

  25. sheryl Says:

    I’ve had that – used to get it after a few all nighters in a row – in college. Fatigue and stress caused it.

    Get some extra quality sleep. That is the only thing that worked for me.

  26. randomandodd Says:

    Th doc told me to stop drinking caffeine.

    Okay, someone send me Captain Morgan.

  27. Arlene Says:

    My twitches sometimes, but it always just stops…I’m sorry!!
    You videotape yourself sleeping?

  28. randomandodd Says:

    No Arlene…I was kidding.

  29. lexi Says:

    My hubby says alot of sex will make the twitch go away, silly man!

  30. Charlotte Says:

    There you go, Kristine… you just have to have sex with Lexi’s husband!

  31. Charlotte Says:

    ALOT of sex

  32. randomandodd Says:

    Charlotte, you’re killing me!!

    Okay, Lexi…i’m at the point that I can’t handle the twitching anymore, I can’t have caffeine and i’m going to get drunk soon…

    How good looking is your husband?

  33. randomandodd Says:

    uh, where the hell did my contacts go?

  34. randomandodd Says:

    Okay, they are back!!

  35. lexi Says:

    LMAO Kristine,my hubby is cute as hell! But so is Shaun, will he not do? lol

  36. Justme Says:

    I would send you my captain morgan but, I still need it! Stress hey? What the heck is that?

  37. Cheeky Says:

    I have had a twitch off and on in my left eye now for months – it will last for days then go away and come back……joy

  38. Shawn Says:

    Twitchity twitch? I get that all of the time. It’s nerves. It’s the kids. It’s the stress. The only thing that helps is a whole bottle of Xanax, Klonopin or running away from home. Eventually it subsides and then it comes back again. Mine comes and goes and I pray no-one notices and wonders if theres something crazy wrong with me.