Going Back In Time This Week

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It feels like the days are dragging into each other huh?
The need to get on a plane is overwhelming.
My sister called the other night begging me to move back to Redding.  She used the guilt trip method too. She must not be reading my blog lately because, “Co-Dependant No More” doesn’t allow guilt trips.  I backed up that book with a Dr. Phil book.
Tonight I was actually thinking about it though.  It might have been the Journey song that came on the radio.  You see, in Redding they live by classic rock.  They play Journey and Air Supply in church up there.  It’s scary how out of the music industry they are.    Anyway, a Journey song came on and the heater was blowing full blast…and the memories of Redding and Shingletown came flooding back.  Good ones.

Redding is about 30 degrees hotter than hell on a good day.  During the summer you have to have a towel in car to put over the steering wheel because if you touch the steering wheel after leaving the car in the sun for more than 2 minutes your hands WILL MELT.  If you forget the towel, you have to learn how to drive with the tips of two fingers.  God forbid you have a stick shift.

Living in Shingletown while going to high school in Redding without car means you’re spending an hour and half on the school bus, in the heat, going uphill on the curviest road created.  You learn real fast to make friends with people who have cars.  You can get home twice as fast and you don’t have to peel your legs off the pleather seats every few minutes.  Our school bus in the 80’s looked like we were transporting  30 long haired dogs with all of us fighting to stick our heads out the windows.  It was either to get some relief from the heat or to avoid the barf smell that lingers when someone throws up on the bus because of the nauseating drive.

The driving arrangements went like this; Preps and Jocks drove the slammed mini-trucks.  These would seat two and the driver.
The guys who hung out with the preps drove El Caminos.  These only sat two and the driver.
The guys who were just the dude that ‘hung out’ drove Honda Civics.  seating FOUR and he driver.
Now you have the girls;  Only one girl in our group drove and she lived half way between Redding and Shingletown and couldn’t drive us all the way home.  She did drive a bad-ass Camaro.  Kudos to chicks with big hair and nice cars.

The pecking order for being a passenger in a glorious car instead of the bus went like this;  Girlfriend first. Best Friend second, Best friend’s girlfriend is third.

I dated the guy who rode a skateboard.
My best friend’s boyfriend lived in Redding…and probably had a suspended licenses.
Guess who rode the bus a lot?

One year I managed to secure a spot with the guy who drove the beat up Honda Civic.  It didn’t have air conditioning, but that was okay.  What sucked is that it overheated all the time so we would have to drive with the heater on to cool the engine.  It didn’t have FM stereo either.  All five of us would take turns thinking of a song we all knew the words to.  Being from Redding the only songs we could sing with accuracy was Journey.

So with the heater blazing, feet burning, smoking and singing we were creating one of the greatest memories I had of living in Shingletown/Redding.

Tomorrow I will have to tell you about my best friends. There is picture that is now circling the internet with me in holding an empty bottle of Tequila.  This picture is RIGGED. RIGGED I SAY!  I can honestly say I have NEVER done a single shot of that evil toxin.
Never have I heard a story start with, “OMG, this one night I had such a good night, I was drinking Tequila.”
Nope, It usually start with, “The worst night of my life I was drinking Tequila…” and it ends up up with the story teller weaving you into a tale of puking and losing garments of clothing.”

I’m sure you have a story like that one.   Tell it, as long as it doesn’t involve a Journey song. That would be just too pathetic.

21 Responses to “Going Back In Time This Week”

  1. dashababy Says:

    Hopefully the good memories will outweigh the bad or you’ll come to finally let go of them. And excuse me but it’s not that much hotter here than Sacatomato dear. You’re just remembering when we had no air conditioning in the cars. And I only resorted to guilt when I realized that all you wanted to do was crush my dream of ever ever have my ONLY sister live near me so that I get to see you longer than it takes to do your hair. Am I a bad person for wanting that?
    And yes, we are musically challenged when it comes to the radio stations we have I will admit that but we have no control over that. And people, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to church but not one time have I heard Journey mkay?!
    When I did go to church tho, the music was the best part. I miss that.
    And guess who’s in the hospital having her labor induced…… not me but it is somebody I know pretty good. Somebody that might be having my granddaughter.
    And that’s all I have to say about that right now.

  2. Leesa Says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that Battle of the Blogs has started. Round One will last until Sunday evening.

    Leesa (http://dsmoya31410.blogspot.com)

  3. Kami Says:

    I love this!!

  4. Rob Says:

    Love Tequila but in my days of lets say…junior high :) It was Southern Comfort that went down all too well. YUM. Can’t even smell the shit today without gagging. I can still throw down a shot or 3 of Tequila though. My best friend at the time..in highschool now..we drove from Burlingame to I don’t remember..somewhere outside of Auburn and we smoked and sang Jefferson Starship “Modern Times” the whole way.
    Doing all those bad things between the ages of 12 and 17 made me the outstanding person I am today. HAHAHA I am kidding of course.

    I remember going to the “lookout” in Belmont. I was in the backseat of my friends camero, my sister in the front seat. We were smoking that funny fabulous stuff and when I went to light the pipe for my boyfriend..I accidentally lit his hair on fire.. :) All I could do was stare and laugh. Shit..those were the days…


  5. Jen S Says:

    Ahh…te-kill-ya. An EVIL EVIL drink. I have a story of tequila and throwing an engagement ring out the window of a moving car in the middle of the night on a dirt road (with ditches)!!

    Ya, we did find the ring. Whew!

  6. randomandodd Says:

    HAHAHA!! Rob! I love it!!

  7. Christina K =) Says:

    HAHAHAHA She is lieing through her teeth! lies all lies I tell ya! I am the other person in this so called “rigged” picture! lol! That night was fun! She just says it wasn’t becuase she couldn’t remember that she…………. (I won’t tell you what she did). Her children do read this! =)

    She also forgot to explain a friend of ours that drove a supped up orange carmanguia. I think we fit 7-8 girls in this poor car when truthfully it should have only fit 4. We were good for that. And poor Bo, the owner of this car, had to take us everywhere we told him to! He would drive us from my house in Redding, to her house in Shingletown just to get mascara! He loved us that way, and also he knew that if he didn’t, we would just steal the poor car and go anyhow. Friday’s after school, once we figured out where the hang out house of the weekend was, he would drive us all the way to Shingletown to pic up Kristine and Jenn’s cloths for the weekend!

    So I beg of you don’t listen to her! This picture has a certificate of authenticity. And no Mom, that wasn’t a cigarette in her hand either! =) HAHAHAHA

  8. randomandodd Says:

    yes, Bo was awesome like that. I will tell them the story of running out of gas and RUNNING to a phone, because dear God, the Fonz would have KILLED all of us if we were late!!

  9. Kelly Says:

    Sounds a lot like Visalia, the “central valley” town where I grew up! I drove a beat up 1976 Honda Civic Hatchback with a photo of Shawn Cassidy taped up in the window and an 8 track tape player! We cruised Mooney Blvd. on Friday nights and the photo of Shawn was used as a conversation starter. We hung out at the only McDonalds on Mooney and had parties in places like orange groves and abandonded barns. Such innocent times!

    I actually love Tequila, but I have a horror story too. Let’s just say I woke up in Mexico in bed with a guy I didn’t remember and another couple, sharing a trash can to vomit in with the other girl. And we were fully clothed… I think?

  10. limpy99 Says:

    My best friends include bottles of tequila.

  11. littlefeet Says:

    no alcohol stories here…lol

    i used to go to Redding as a kid…my Gma lives there…


  12. randomandodd Says:

    it may or not be THIS one, but really…don’t you judge me!

  13. wendy Says:

    It was Vodka or Purple Passion for us and my friend drove an Omni with a hole in the floor board that every time she went through a puddle her passenger got soaked…she didn’t have many friends on rainy days. Oh yeah…the music was Def Lepard, Poison, Whitesnake, etc. Good times(wistful sigh)!

  14. Janet Says:

    he…I managed to NOT be in those type of photos, but I DID take them of my friend Pat! One where she was posed, pretending to shoot up, another where she was NOT pretending to take a huge giant swig of blackberry brandy and a third where she pretended to be nekkid in bed. Hmmm…maybe I should post them! THAT would be funny!

  15. Michelle Says:

    Journey AND Air Supply? What about Bonnie Tyler…if they play Bonnie Tyler I am so definitely moving there with or without you!

  16. Fantastagirl Says:

    My question is why did we feel the need to take pictures of ourselves drinking? I found an old college album – and it is filled with pictures of me, my friends, doing things that I really don’t need pictures as proof that I did them – my headaches, and turning stomach at the smell of certain drinks are reminder enough – know what I mean?

  17. Arlene Says:

    Ahhh, Redding and Shingletown. Haven’t been there in about…um…2 weeks ;-)
    My Aunt still lives in Shingletown, so I’m up there about once a month :-) Not much up there!!

  18. Lori Says:

    Personally, I have found Te-kill-ya to be a drink of choice, IF you get the good stuff. Which is unlikely in high school.

    Ugh, Journey, I’d stab myself in the eye before listening to them on a regular basis. My sister is OBSESSSSED with them and played certain songs over and over and over.

  19. Maria Says:

    Southern Comfort was also our drink of choice. My adventures were on the NYC subways and roller skates (not at the same time thank G*d). I vaguely remember roller skating on ice in March while wearing gloves, scarf, shorts and a t-shirt. We were partial to U2, Tears for Fears, Van Halen, Phil Collins, and the Rolling Stones.

  20. momthefonz Says:

    I have already grounded Kris for life when she was 13 years old, so that won’t work, and besides that did you really think i didn’t know what was going on? Bo was always running out of gas I even had to go get em from off the road in shingeltown late and when the gas stations were closed that means we only had one gas station in our whole town. so Bo slept on the couch frist thing in the morn I took him to get gas and a push to get it runnning again and I think that was the last time i ever seen him again… BUT for Kristine drinking? Ummmmmmm I think our ground her into her next life for that one…

  21. Christina K =) Says: