It’s Thursday….Tomorrow is Friday.

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Okay, this year seriously BITES on American Idol. I really don’t like any of the guys. the women are split down the middle.

I like the Jack Osborne guy because…well, he’s weird and funny.  He can sing, but he’s no Chris Daughtry.

The women;  How do you politically correctly say this?  Screw it.  The black girls ROCK, KICK ASS, CAN SING!.  I mean, ALL of them are fifty times better than the white girls.  There, bring on the hate mail, I said ‘black and white’ and compared the two.

Now on to the Shaun Commentary from the evening (the only real reason I watch this show).

After returning from picking Marina up from church and missing the second and third singers.

“What did I miss?”
“Nothing. You have to rewind and watch the dog walker, she’s sort of weird.”
“The red head? I HATE HER!”
“Shaun, you haven’t even her sing yet.”
“Doesn’t matter. I HATE HER.”
“You can’t ask that, You can’t ask WHY I hate someone. I just do.”

After she started singing;

“Well, I don’t really like her either, but I do like her boots!”
“You know what those boots are?” he asks.
“No?” .
“Those boots were made for dog walkin’.  And that’s just what they’ll do.”

He REALLY doesn’t like the dog walking, red head.

Tomorrow’s SPF: ‘Your TO DO list’.

18 Responses to “It’s Thursday….Tomorrow is Friday.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hey, am I FIRST? Bitches?

    Has a black woman won AI yet? If not, this may be the year!

  2. Kelly Says:

    HELL YA! First and Second! Bitches!


  3. Cheeky Says:

    HAHA Shaun is crackin me up! Yes the black chicks are rockin the house. Melinda and Lakisha are my favs!

  4. Christina K =) Says:

    Yep a Black woman won! Where the hell ya all been? Fantasia! She will be on the show tonight! I love the Jack Osbourn guy! He kicks ass! I didn’t stick around to watch the girls last night. i got home in time to see the chick w/ the red and black hair sing, I like her just becuase she is different. She isn’t “Comercial” with a capital C” but she is cute. None of the other girls really did anything for me. I think the guys are steppin up this year! Lets get a guy to win! There has only been 2 and this is the 6th season! Boy I guess i had a lot to say! =)

  5. dashababy Says:

    Wow, that’s pretty “harth”.

  6. lexi Says:

    Yes the last black girl of the night kicked ass , and Simon loves her. . . shocker. . .!!!
    The guys are not showing me anything, I love the curly headed guy also, he is so funny and cute in a weird way.

    But I am with you girly, the colored girls are kicking ass and taking names. . . great singers, great indeed!!!
    Ok back to lurking now. . . .

  7. Pissy Says:

    I agree totally with you on AI
    The black girls are fucking awesome.
    The guys suck.

    This is gonna be interesting.

  8. Connie Says:

    I watched all the try outs on AI but I was watching the guys and girls and I just cannot get into watching them, so I shut it off. It is not like you will miss anything, you can find out who won the next week. But I basically don’t like any of them. As far as winners go, Kelly is the best of them all. Plus look at all the people that did not win, they go to to singing albums too, so you don’t really have to win.

  9. Kelly Says:

    Fantasia won? I honestly don’t watch the show, but I keep up with the news of it.

    1. Kelly Clarkson
    2. Rubin Studdard
    3. Carrie Underwood
    4. Taylor Hicks

    Am I missing a season? =(

  10. Kelly Says:

    Nevermind! Fantasia was after Rubin – I just checked the show’s website! Like I said, I don’t watch the show! LOL

  11. sheryl Says:

    dashababy, are you saying that Shaun has a lithp?

  12. Leesa Says:

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  13. southernfriedgirl Says:

    Hey, if you said “black” and “white” out loud and then had the nads to compare the two down here in this shithole, the Urban League would fly down to investigate your ass.

    I so love Shaun’s commentary. I am so gonna play SPF tomorrow. This one pic thing is way easier for me. I was all kinds of stressed with the 3 pictures.

    I know. Pathetic.

  14. christie Says:

    tag! you’re it!

  15. Tammy Says:

    I can’t like them this year either. They suck ass. Except the black girls. The guys were terrible.

  16. stepping over the junk Says:

    I seem to only like the two backup singers who are rockin’. (I forget their names but one is a girl and one is a guy) Everyone else except the guy with all the hair, is kind of boring.

  17. Katie Says:

    The boys sucked. But what do I know, I can’t carry a tune to save my life.

    I didn’t see the girls.

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