I can’t find mine.

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When Shaun and I were going through our baby withdrawals we decided we needed to do something to get past it.   We headed to Walmart and bought MP3 players.  They had all types of colors, but we wanted the ones that were on sale and because of it, we both ended up with two identical white MP3 players.  We were going to take our cute, matching MP3 players to the gym.

I THOUGHT mine was the one in the van until I started listening to the music on there.
“Hmm, sure a lot of Matchbox 20 on here.”   Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Rob Thomas, but I really don’t remember adding every single song he has recorded on to my MP3 player.
“AH HA!”  (the exclamation, not the band) “AH-HA! this isn’t mine. This one has to be Shaun’s player.  I mean, come on…I would never in a million years put The Momma’s and the Papa’s on mine.”

Today I found MY MP3 player in the van. I turned it on and it was, none other than, Matchbox 20.
“Crap, this is Shaun’s! AGAIN.”
In an effort to make sure it wasn’t really mine I had to shuffle through the songs until I found the music that is exclusively MY taste in music and not Shauns:

Chris Cornell covering Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.
I Will Survive By Gloria Gaynor (doesn’t every work out involve THIS song?)
Every song from Kid Rock’s Rebel Without A Cause CD.
Violent Femmes’ Kiss Off
Limp Bizkit’s Break Things

and last, but of course not least;

Conjunction Function by School House Rock

16 Responses to “I can’t find mine.”

  1. Cheeky Says:

    I grabbed my ipod for my work out today and it was DEAD. Damn the teenage daughter….and yes every workout includes Gloria Gaynor

  2. Cheeky Says:

    Oh an umm FIRST!!

  3. kimmyk Says:

    I did that ONCE. When I had to hear my sons [c]rap for like an hour, that was enough to make me check first next time.

    I loved schoolhouse rock growing up.

  4. southernfriedgirl Says:

    What’s your function?????

    I love that you have that song on your iPod.

  5. Connie Says:

    You should get those rhinestones and put them on yours so you can pick yours out.

  6. dawn Says:

    Yup, I will survive should be on every MP3 player. At least any females player. Cause, ya know, we will survive!

    Don’t worry, I still havent found my 2007 either.

  7. Dave Vogt Says:

    I haven’t even started looking for my 2007 yet, so you’re doing alright.

    My workout mix varies, but must contain two tracks without fail: Metallica – Master of Puppets, and Roberta Flack – Killing Me Softly

  8. san Says:

    Matchbox 20 rocks :)

  9. MrsDoF Says:

    Take one of those address labels the charity organizations send like confetti and put one on your own player. One with a little pink angel should do it right.
    It’s what I had to do with my camera, since DOF bought one just like it a month after I found one under the Christmas tree.

    My workout music has EXILE songs. I guess going back to the music of my teenage years helps with muscle function.

    Schoolhouse Rock, my kids were wee little. The music still gives me the willies.

  10. Army of Mom Says:

    You can always kiss off into the air, behind my back I just sit and stare, you’ll hurt me bad, but I won’t mind, you’ll hurt me bad, you do it all the time … yeah yeah, you do it all the time, yeah yeah ….

    I could go on and on and on … want me to start counting and doing that part, too?

  11. christie Says:

    mbt has been my favorite band for over 10 years now… lol.

    Do they sell like covers for your mp3 players?

    Or maybe you could get those nifty “bling” stickers… hehee

  12. randomandodd Says:

    Army of mom, YES!!! I love it when other people know my music!! Not that Violent Femmes were an underground band or anything, but YAY! I always get excited when I hear Blister In The Sun come on the oldies station!

    2007 is going to be a weird year huh???

  13. limpy99 Says:

    Hookin’ up words and phrases and clauses!!

  14. Angie Says:

    Oh man — I laughed out loud reading this. LOL Music is serious business — it can sometimes be so painful to have to listen to somebody else’s stuff.

  15. Arlene Says:

    Aww, I hope you find yours!

  16. Leane Says:

    I love CAKE’s version of I WILL SURVIVE..has the F word in it–makes it a little more meainingful LOL.
    I have Limp Bizkit on my Ipod too for workouts,..I find i like to work out to some funky dance music AND some screaming music.