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It’s my grab bag of catch up.

I thought it was Monday and my day was screwed up all day because of it.

People, especially clients who you went over the moon to please and then they turned you around and put it in your rear, REALLY piss me off and make me sad at the same time.

American Idol this year; to quote people who are way more hip than I am, ‘I am not feelin’ it‘. I like the Jack Osborne looking dude. That is all.

I pulled out some books I needed to re-read. This book, I recommend for everyone that breathes: Co-Dependant No More by Melody Beattie
the tagline for the book is, “How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself” It was written 20 years ago for people living with people in AA or battling alcoholism.
Now don’t let that turn you away because you’re not a ‘controlling’ person or living with/dealing with alcoholism. This book has saved my life once before and since rereading it again, I am amazed how much of the lessons I learned and stuck with me.
“I did not cause it. I can not control it. I can not cure it.” This was the line that jumped out at me the first time I read it and I think because of reading this book, dealing with the things in my life is allowing me to be able to look at situations and say, “That’s not mine, that’s yours.”

Britney – Media, leave the girl alone. She is just doing what we all have wanted to do; lose our damn minds and do something nuts. I would do the same thing right now, but the bald spots…not so attractive…red and patchy. Eww.

Anna Nicole
– Media, show more boobs.

: This commercial started a revolution and now animal activists are pissed that Checkers (the hamburger joint) have a take out bag that you can cut the holes out of and dress your cat up in ‘rap cat’ costume.
People that are pissed: KNOCK IT OFF! Have you missed EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS A DOG AND TOO MUCH MONEY? It’s a bag and a cat. These people would be SO pissed at me if they found out the stuff we did to our cat. It involves tape on the bottom of the paws and a bong hit.

SPF: Your TO DO list. I’m not a list maker, but I like to see the writing of our readers and sometimes I get to catch a view of a ‘doodle’ on your list.

Mental Health: I am SO Britney Spears right now. I’m not the cute dancing in the hallway in a sexy uniform Britney. I’m not the sucking face with Madonna Britney. I am not the driving around with the kid on my lap Britney. I’m also not the strange lipstick and no shoes interview Britney.
I am really close to the shaving of the head crazy Britney. They have a 24 hour ‘anxiety rehab’ I can check into?

No worries, I promise to keep my panties on and not flash the media my coochie.

19 Responses to “Ra-Ra-Rannnndom”

  1. Leesa Says:

    You have been nominated for the Battle of the Blogs. Sorry this sounds “canned” because, well, this is canned. I have received lots of entries. I will be working on the ballots that will probably come out next Tuesday (2/27), but this is what I would like from you:

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    You can use the link above to visit the Battle of the Blogs if you have no idea what this is. And, relax, it just means you are loved.

  2. Lee Says:

    nice new layout Kristine…just in time for a fight too, I see…I’m with ya on bald, almost crazy Britney….she’s a mess, but in an interesting way!

  3. Irish Church Lady Says:

    Keep your coochie in your hoochie hunny!

    You made me laugh! ;)

  4. Lisa Says:

    I love that picture!

    Co-Dependant No More is a good book, I hope lots of people take your suggestion. Maybe I should read it again too…it’s been years.

    I was so busy reading that I almost missed the SPF assignment…you snuck it in on us! I live for lists, so this is perfect for me.

    You hang in there girl, keep your panties on and your hair on your head. ;)

  5. Cheeky Says:

    Never read that book – hell never heard of it – maybe I need to check it out……

  6. Lazy Lightning Says:

    A friend of mine shaved her head long before brittney — pretty much because she needed liberation and change after ending a relationship and striking out on her own. She changed, and got so much more independent and confident after doing that. Maybe we all need to shave our heads??

  7. randomandodd Says:

    I don’t know if I need to shave my head. I mean, I LOVE the color my sister put together!!

    I am the 5 minutes from Rehab though.

    If only I was hooked on drugs.

  8. Katie Says:

    When I first saw the picture of the legs, I thought of the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story”.

  9. kimmyk Says:

    I have wanted to shave my head for years…it’s so politically not correct and that just doesn’t seem fair to me.

    What the hell is that picture of Kris?

  10. sheryl Says:

    I feel for you and for Britney.

    My mental health is in question these days too. Hopefully things will find their balance.

    P.S. That is the best picture of those legs I’ve seen – and I have seen quite a few on flickr over the past 3 years.

    Fantastic light and color!

  11. Kelly Says:

    You know that scene in GI Jane when Demi shaves her head? I remember her saying in an interview that after that scene and upon seeing her shaved head for the first time, that is when she felt her most beautiful, ever. (And Demi is beautiful all the time!) What makes me sad about Brit shaving her head is it seems to be a mad attempt at more media attention on her part. Hopefully the rehab is for her addition of exhibitionism (sp?)

    I’ve been tempted to shave my head, only to know the true color of my hair! LOL

  12. randomandodd Says:

    Sheryl, I took it from a moving car!!

  13. SuZan Says:

    I like the new layout!

    I also am so glad I’m not the only one that puts tape on the bottom of my cat’s paw.

    (and I just thought I was weird)

  14. dashababy Says:

    If you do decide to flash the coochie, Ive got some wax for ya. Flash em like a rockstar babeee.

  15. Army of Mom Says:

    I want to be the paparazzi shooting your cooch. LOL

    Good catch up entry.

    And, I read that book many years ago and it is sooooo great. I should probably re-read it again. She has a follow-up to that book that is good, too.

  16. Leane Says:

    Idol is just not so good this year. Not anyone there that really grabs my attention :( Other than seeing the contestant’s parents dance poorly in the audience.

    Hang in there..don’t shave your head. Rosie said it well on her blog-lots of moms out there wanting to shave their heads and tattoo but they have to worry about what the PTA thinks etc. I really hope Britney is ok and if not that she gets some sort of help. Hugs to you.

  17. shellibells Says:

    Codependant no more, when I split from my daughter’s father i thought I’d never see the daylight again. My shrink recommended that book and I learned a whole bunch from it. I highly recommend it, doesn’t have to have anything to do with AA or NA, simply helps you learn to live you life for you instead of for someone/everyone else. PERRRFEct. :)

  18. Dave Vogt Says:

    I remember my mom reading this book while my dad was in AA (and probably should’ve been in NA as well). I’ve not read it, but if it can do for most people what it did for her, I will carry a bag of them around and hand them out on the corner like the book of mormon.

  19. Amy Says:

    Don’t you bloody dare cut off that luscious hair.

    Hug for you from me. Nothing lasts forever, duckling.