IE vs. Firefox…Yes, this AGAIN.

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Does Random and Odd look like this when you view it?

Yes? No?  What browser are you all using??

I really like this layout and want to be able to work with it, but I don’t want to use it if you guys see it like this:

Eww, Internet Explorer makes it all squishy to the side and all not centered and all not good at all.

This post brought to you by the word: ALL.

Okay, so How do you all see it? First picture? Second picture? IE or Firefox?

47 Responses to “IE vs. Firefox…Yes, this AGAIN.”

  1. kalki Says:

    I use Firefox, so I see the first picture. And I like the new look!

  2. Emily Says:

    Ditto. First pic in Firefox.

  3. Lori Says:

    First in Firefox.

  4. ToadyJoe Says:

    First picture. Firefox. You could just ditch all the IE readers… the really important ones of us are already here, lol!

  5. Lori Says:

    I went in through IE and it then looks like the 2nd. That sucks.

  6. randomandodd Says:

    See Lori, Firefox is superior.

  7. barnmouse Says:

    I…umm…’sixth’ the Firefox :)

  8. No Dramas Says:

    2nd and I have to use IE coz Im at work :)

  9. Allisone Says:

    First picture – in Safari

  10. WaywardGoddess Says:

    Firefox here

  11. Recovering Straight Girl Says:

    When you’re done, will you PLEASE come up here and do me, I mean, mine?

  12. Torie Says:

    I use Firefox, so the site looks great to me. Everyone should just ditch IE – Firefox is so much better anyway – (just download the little IE View plug-in if you must view a page in IE – simple simple).

  13. Aimee Says:

    I use IE & Firefox. At work only IE is allowed. I still mostly use IE at home because I’m too lazy to figure out all my stored passwords in IE and move them to firefox.

  14. Meg Says:

    I’m using IE (laziness along with work issues like so many others). Even though it’s slightly off center I like it.

    : )

  15. MilkMaid1979 Says:


  16. celebrate woo-woo Says:

    When I first viewed it at work, using IE, I saw the second; I wasn’t crazy about the layout, but it wasn’t cut-off anywhere, so it wouldn’t have bothered me.

    Now, at home, using Opera, I’m loving the new look…seeing it as it is in the first pic.

  17. Kelly Says:

    OMG – I just got home – there are absolutely no photos! I’m shocked… I thought it was the firewall at work!

    Um, and yes, at home its all off to the left side. I had no idea work uses Firefox! WOW!

    Anyway, I love the green, but it is rather plain. I imagine you’ll spice it up with some of your amazing photos in time.

  18. Katie Says:


  19. kate Says:

    I love it and I use firefox! IE sucks ass because my blog looks like shit in it as well! I use Firefox like I said and it looks awesome!

  20. Kelly Says:

    OK, I switched over to firefox, and now I can’t see photos. What’s the deal?

  21. kimmyk Says:


    I hate the way my blog looks in IE too. I wish everyone saw it through my eyes and not Windows IE eyes. This is very pretty.

  22. Susan Says:

    We use IE and it looks like view 2.

    I like veiw 1, it does look clean and not at all stark. It’s funny what a difference a little spacing makes.

  23. LazyLightning Says:

    First pic. Firefox.

  24. Irish Church Lady Says:

    Second pic
    still looks good
    no worries

  25. Missy Says:

    I use safari so I see the first picture. I hate IE.

  26. shellibells Says:

    IE at work and at home…and ummm, i see it all squishy to the left. I didn’t know what you meant at first, they both look good, but I hear ya sqwauwkin biatch.

  27. Sonya Says:

    I see 2nd… I’m stuck with IE.

  28. Dawn Says:

    i swear i am the only person alive who hates FireFox. when i use it, it seems a whole bunch of plugins don’t work properly. i have no problems in IE7. your blog is shifted to the left but it doesn’t bother me that way.

  29. esther Says:

    second picture. IE. sorry ;)

  30. Maria Says:

    Second. IE. Sorry.

  31. Connie Says:

    2nd pict the picture is all the way to the right.

  32. sheryl Says:

    I have 7 computers that I have to use for work. Two of them are laptops I keep at home. Not physically allowed to use firefox.

    My boyfriend uses firefox on his computer at home – but I actually don’t like firefox very much. I haven’t had to use it for hours (long enough for it to become second nature), but I find it frustrating whenever I do use it.

    I’m ok with your blog displaying on the left.

    Too bad firefox and IE can’t play with web pages similarly – or templates can’t be somehow coded to display on both well…

  33. Anonymous Says:

    mine looks like the second

  34. Kat Says:

    Second picture at work, first at home.

  35. Kaiasmom Says:

    I use Firefox…and I see the second picture…maybe my Firefox just sucks then since everyone else can see the correct one? Who knows? It doesn’t really bother me though so I don’t mind…

  36. dashababy Says:

    Yup, I got the squishy one right now on the laptop but I do have firefox on the pc in Kevs’ room but I don’t mind squishy.
    I still love ya no matter what.

  37. Kami Says:

    2nd. IE7.

    Don’t yell at me.

  38. Finelly Says:

    I use IE and I see it justified to the left like you show in the second pic.
    I like your new look tho.

  39. LIB Says:

    2nd pic in Safari (Mac Browser)

  40. southernfriedgirl Says:

    I’m all IE all the time. So second for me.

  41. Linda/RV Vagabonds Says:

    IE 7-squishy

    Firefox, Netscape 8, Opera all look good. And somehow I see you with a much cleaner font for the “Random and Odd”. The current font is rather old-fashioned for the spare look you’re going for.

  42. san Says:

    Firefox. Looks good :)

  43. *jcg Says:

    but i like it!

  44. Redhead Mommy Says:

    Yeah, I use IE, and I see it the second way.

  45. Dave Vogt Says:

    There’s some trick to throw IE into “Standards Mode” (read: works the way it ought.) If I remember properly, it involves switching to xhtml 1.0 strict. That’s the doctype I send to IE, anyhow.

    The first thing I would try though is to remove the container div that occurs before your doctype. That tends to throw IE into “Quirks Mode” (read: I’m gonna do what the hell I wanna!)

  46. Arlene Says:

    I’m a FIREFOX girl :-)

  47. Jenni Says:

    I see it like the first picture, and I’m using Firefox.