Holy crap the medication is SO kickin’ in…

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I think Shaun has taken every medication we have in our cupboards.  He has been doped up on Benedryl, Motrin, TheraFlu, Zicam and we even pulled out the big boy and gave him Codine.   Now, i’m no light weight, but I would be OUT if I had ingested that much medication in the last 24 hours.  Nope, not my lil’ trooper. He’s all doped up and still coughing.

I could do what my mom use to do to my dad when he was doped up, but the Rocklin Police have been to my house too many times for stupid things. I mean, how do you explain to the boys in blue, “My mom just used a cast iron skillet to my dad’s head when he was whining.”?  You just can’t do stuff like that here.  They expect you to just ‘nurse’ them back to health with chicken soup and TLC.   Unless Cambell soup will work and TLC stands for Tylonol Laced Codine, then I’m going to jail.

Things have been busy here. It’s been busy all month.  Tabitha moved in on the 1st of December and has become a part of the family quite nicely.  It’s nice having her around and OHHHHHHH the baby loving I get in the morning is healing the soul.
Before she moved in here I only got to see Jeremiah maybe 3 times a month for 3 minutes and he would have NOTHING to do with me.  Now he has no problem reaching for me and ‘flirting’.  There is nothing more heart melting than a nine month old flirting with you.  I watch him during the day while she is in her meetings and we have our time together to play and make lots of noise with his toys.

I give her all the credit in the world. I don’t know how she does it. Everything she has been through and she just pushes it side to lay on the blow up bed and giggle with her son. She could be falling asleep and he’s trying to pulling out her hair and she never loses her mind. She grabs his little hands and kisses them.  I admire that.

We went out to dinner the other night and I got a good laugh.  Kara (the one with braces) was eating spaghetti and Shaun said something funny.  Kara stopped mid bite and looked up and Shaun said, “MY GOD, it looks like a Buick hit a octopus!”  I died laughing.

I’m laughing. I’m sleeping. I am getting my life in order.  I want to get off the medication and figure out how to do this without it.  I want to be that strong woman I know I can be.  Safely…of course.
Have a frantrabroulous New Years.
Kristine…out of the closet and doing damn good.

33 Responses to “Holy crap the medication is SO kickin’ in…”

  1. Liza Says:

    Merry Late Christmas to you and your huge ass family! the octopus thing made me literally spit out my boones farm sangria…i’m poor. i’m glad to hear that you are starting to feel better and i think it’s really rad that you and your family are able to adjust to things as well as you do. i saw the pics of jeremiah on flickr and he is so frickin cute! i want to pinch his chubby little cheeks and his dark eyes are so precious!

  2. mrtl Says:

    damn woman what are we going to do with you?

  3. Renee/Boob Sweat Says:

    So glad to hear your feeling better Kristine. You ARE a strong woman. Just reread your posts from this month and you will see just how strong you are. Not many of us could have our partners ex AND child move in. You are super strong and I admire you.

  4. Maria Says:

    So happy to see you not only back but feeling good.

  5. kim Says:

    C is having a cold with a bad cough as well [and has no insurance in germany = fun times] and you know what’s helping like nothing else? ginger-tea. i swear! buy a ginger root, chop up a little piece of it [size of a cherry maybe] and put boiling water on it. let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then run the tea through a drainer. he can sweeten the tea with honey if he wants and should try to drink at least half a gallon a day.

    happy new year and get well soon! :)

  6. SuZan Says:

    So glad you are out of the closet! Your plate has been so damn full for so long it is no wonder that you took refuge in the closet.

    I had to laugh at your comment you left about Shaun; poor baby…hope he gets over his cough.

    Take care Krisine & Shaun and have a wonderful (and safe) New Years!

  7. Kami Says:

    Glad you’re out of the closet. SHAUN, GET BETTER.

  8. Monkey Says:

    so glad you are doing better… :)



  9. dixie Says:

    Glad you are feeling better!

    Hope Shaun feels better soon.

    Buick hit an octopus! Classic!

  10. Connie Says:

    It is awful having a cold. None of that medicine works. I have a cold and I hate it. But I took Nyquil yesterday and it made me so sleepy, so I don’t take anything. I think that stuff makes you feel worse. Hope he gets better soon. I am glad you are feeling better.

  11. Steph Says:

    Gald to see you out of the closet dear ! Hope Shaun is better soon.

  12. Arlene Says:

    I read back through your posts to see what’s wrong with you? I didn’t really find anything, other than a reference to Shingletown…and here I thought I was the only one who had been there ;-)

    It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out you’re depressed though…I just hope you’re ok. I battle some of the same, and I’m sending you hugs!!

  13. san Says:

    have a fabulous 2007, Kristine! you deserve it.

  14. momthefonz Says:

    Well, At least it got rid of what was ailing him…
    Happy New Years…….x0x0x0x0x0

  15. Pissy Britches Says:

    Glad Shaun is doped up well. I can mail him some of my hydrocode cough syrup. It rocks.

    Glad you are feeling better. I just don’t know how you do it woman. If you can let your husbands ex wife move up in your house and be fine with that then you are a better person than anyone I know. You are the kindest soul ever.
    Hugs to you and Tabitha and everyone in the R & O household.

  16. randomandodd Says:

    Today has been a ‘searching’ day. I DOUBLE cleaned my room (that includes under the bed and the computer desk) and DAMN I have so much crap! I never found my Photo Impact Disc 2 and it’s making me friggin’ nuts. Everyone, come over and help me find it!! oh wait, no room in my house for even one more person.
    Okay, I think i’m going to take the hoover to closet and see if I can find anymore ex boyfriends hiding in there.

  17. ~Sassy~ Says:

    Glad to see you are feeling well again. Hope Shaun gets better soon. Happy New Year!

  18. southernfriedgirl Says:

    I am so glad you are out of the closet. I’ll come clean for ya. I will organize it so good that shit gets lost again.

  19. Maria Says:

    I’ll come over and help you look. I can sleep on the porch.

  20. william Says:

    Have a happy new year.

  21. Kami Says:

    You just doin’ too much, girl.

  22. kimmyk Says:

    Just wishing you and your HUGE ASS family a Happy New Year Kristine and Shaun!

    I hope that 2007 keeps you out of the closet more than last.

    Love ya!

  23. Candy Says:

    Happy New Year!

    *giggle* about the ‘ghetti. Too freaking funny!

  24. southernfriedgirl Says:

    Happy New Year.

  25. Kelly Says:

    You go girl! You are an incredibly strong woman! Hugs! Oh yes, if you have it, Vicodin is an excellent cough suppressant.

  26. Melanie Says:

    Happy New Year!

  27. Army of Mom Says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing better and things are good. Good luck. Can Shaun call the doc and get some Rx drugs? I have found that once I go to the doctor and he puts me on good drugs, I’m back to normal in a few days. They may even have samples so you don’t have to pay!!!

  28. The Kept Woman Says:

    Laughing my ass off about the Buick hitting the octapus thing.

    Happy new year and hang in there…drugs are the only thing that keep me sane.

  29. southernfriedgirl Says:


  30. bigheavy Says:

    nothing compares to baby lovin’

  31. Bucky Four-Eyes Says:

    The closet is no place to be…trust me on that one!

    Happy new year to you and your ever-expanding posse.

    I said POSSE.

  32. Juliabohemian Says:

    try an expectorant instead of a regular cough medicine. I get coughs caused by my bronchial asthma and those really help clear the airways.

    two brands are: bronkaid and primatene, but there are also generic ones.

  33. Kami Says:

    You don’t KNOW me.