Random and Odd

just read the whole post this time.

I got out the Nikon, which by the way has had a name change. BAMF has become more of a ‘title’ to a camera and less of a name. In email exchange between one of my favorite photographers, she suggested the Nikon could use a different name, like…Barry. She then said, ‘In a good Barry way and not like a creepy uncle Barry way’. I had the joy of telling her my brother’s name was Barry and get to watch her squirm juuuuuuust a little.

I had thought about a new name for BAMF and it keeps coming back to Barry…as in Barry Bonds. Barry, the camera on Steriods. And so it shall be.As I was saying…I took out Barry to get the shots for this weeks SPF assignment and after no effort what so ever I had all three shots. This wasn’t fair now was it?
I grabbed Shaun’s old Fugi camera that if you breath while taking the picture it will come out blurry and a tripod.
YES, a TRIPOD. $12.00 at Wal-mart. It makes ALL the difference in the world when trying to get a close up shot without a flash using a point and shoot or using a Nikon that needs steady, crisp shots.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would believe that I took the pictures with a point and shoot camera so I made Shaun take ‘back me up’ pictures.

Alright, first up:

Point and Shoot close up (macro) without the tripod:

Point and Shoot WITH the tripod:

Proof of use of Point and Shoot:

Lovin’ the jacked up nail job?
Next up…no flash. I actually couldn’t get any of the shots with the flash, when it was that close up it just washed out the pictures.

Remember when I said, ‘find your favorite subject?’ I keep mine in my camera bag!


Okay last but not least: Changing my perspective ( I did use the Nikon for this one)

I hope you all enjoyed this week. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask. If not me, someone. That’s how I figured out a bunch of my questions…I called the camera store, I emailed photograpers I admire on Flickr and I read lots of websites that have lots of information. I also watch this one lady on DIY network…she annoys the living shit out of me, but she actually helps out a bit.

Did you play? did you read the whole post or just look at the pictures?