Random and Odd

photographs..and memories.

I have no words today.

Actually I have many, many words but they are all balled up like my daughter’s shoe laces and I cant figure out which string to start pulling on to get it all undone.
I’m afraid to actually start to try then I might throw that shoe in frustration and have to admit that I’m not doing as well as I thought I was.
Instead, I’ll talk about things outside of this blog. Am I the only one, after reading someone’s blog and getting to kinda know them, wonder wherethey wander on the web that isn’t ‘blog related’?

I like to read Thomas Hawk. In theory, it’s a blog…but it’s not in my mind. I learn stuff and I feel smart after reading it. He never makes me feel stupid.

Through my sad Flickr addiction I have found a bunch of neat places to poke around and reading about these fantastic photographers in Flickr interviews makes me feel all artsy.

Every now and again I will check out the Pondering Pool and see if she has any new cards up. This artist knows what’s in my head and manages to put in into an art and with words that make me grin and sometimes stop and try to figure out how she came up with that last line.

I go to a bunch of other techy geek type pages to try to stay somewhat current with my degree, but honestly…I have lost that lovin’ feeling when it comes to the technical crap.

“You lost me at ‘database'” was something I said in an email to Phil and it sort of made me sad that I can’t do the things I use to be able to do. It kills me that I don’t even care.

BUT, on a very happy note: Deb is cancer free. Go give her a hug.