Look! Look!! LOOK!!

I have bangs again!

My hair has been bugging me for MONTHS AND MONTHS. I thought I would try out the whole, ‘no bangs’ thing. I grew them out and I realized I have the biggest forehead in the state of California. I also realized that I will never have cooperative hair that will frame my face. No sir. I will have the hair that falls RIGHT into my eyes no matter what the length it is.

Kathy came down this weekend and kicked ass with the coloring of my hair. You all wish you had a hairstylist like my sister. She could be Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser. Anyway, she colored it and it’s beautiful…BEAUTIFUL…work of art. She trimmed it up a bit. I HATED IT. It wasn’t her haircutting I didn’t like (because she could be Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser) it was the damn, ‘no bangs’. That stuff is HARD to master.

“I want mom’s bangs.” I told her.
“Kris, mom’s hair is totally different than yours.”
My back stiffened and my lower lip started to quiver.
“You want bangs, I’ll give you bangs.”

And she did!! They are perfect!

Getting ready to go to the gym this morning, I checked them out the mirror. I had this strange urge to sing.

“Shot through the heart…and you’re to BLAME!! you GIvvvveee luuuuuuuuv, a bad name!”

I look like Jon Bon Jovi.

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