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Watching The Ball Drop- 2006

As Dick Clark is dusted off and joins Ryan Seacrest (third sign of the apocolypse, I believe) for the televised beginning of 2006, we bloggers pause momentarily to reflect on 2005.

My New Year’s Resolution

Lenses. They are a integral part of my photography obsession. I’ve actually put together a formidable collection of these bad boys, now I need to master them. So my resolution for 2006 is to improve my photographic skills by learning these things inside and out. So if you were sick of all the 2005 photos, get out now.

My Favorite Picture of 2005

SOOOOO many pictures to choose from…..but this one was a fun one that actually ended up becoming my blog masthead for many months of 2005. The photo is actually one Shaun took of me taking a picture of Alyx while we were all on a very secluded beach in Pacifica, CA. Deciding on my favorite photo was a toughie, but if it has to be just one……

Something I’ll be GLAD to leave behind in 2005

curtains 001

&*^$@*&*^$ Ugly curtains must go in 2006. They’re ugly. They don’t match our room. And they’re ugly and don’t match our room. They are gone in 2006. Along with several other home improvements, the great curtain replacement will surely make its way to Random and Odd (that would be the day you want to skip…maybe go outside or something).

Well, everyone have a great and safe New Year’s! 2006 should be a fun one.

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  • Tutu

    I can’t believe I am first. I wish I knew more about lenses and photography–maybe I will take a class this year.
    It is amazing what new curtains does for women. Have fun shopping.
    I played.

  • mmc

    Wow. I’m second.
    Gosh, I’m jealous. I applaud you for making time to learn.
    Happy Curtain Hunting!
    I played, just ignore the snot on the monitor…oh, wait, that’s on mine.

  • Sheri & SuZan

    Oh I so envy your talent with photos, I love looking at them on your blog. I do have a few curtain issues myself (LOL).

    Have fun shopping…and Happy SPF! I played too.

  • Sheri & SuZan

    Oh I so envy your talent with photos, I love looking at them on your blog. I do have a few curtain issues myself (LOL).

    Have fun shopping…and Happy SPF! I played too.

  • Sharkey

    I thought you were going to say you’re getting rid of the cobwebs–not the curtains. Totally looks like my house. J.P. pointed out a particularly nasty cobweb *right over our bed* the other day. Gah!

    Looking forward to more beautiful photos–even your pic of the lens is great–in 2006. Happy New Year!

  • Vajana

    I love that picture too. And if you find good curtains, let me know, I am having a pickle of a time trying to find good ones.

    I played this week!

    Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous

    Yay!! Curtain shopping!! LOL

    I loved that pic of you taking a pic…

    I am toying with the idea of a photography class too…still…it’s just toying.

    I played too…

  • SoozieQ

    Weird. I totally thought of the picture that you used for your favorite picture. I remember you saying something about how you prefer to see what’s going on AROUND the picture vs. just what’s visible through the photographer or artist’s eye.

    Great way to end 2005 SPF and bring on 2006!

    Hope you, Shaun and all the kids & family have a fantastic 2006!!

    I played.

  • Rob

    Thank you Kristine! Thank you for inviting me to play my first SPF.
    You made me think and thinking is what I do best..probably too much of it but all good none the less..
    So thank you..:)

  • Tee

    I played today and I’m finally checking in but I have a good excuse! (See my blog, of course!)

    I love that photo you have as your favorite. I remember when you had that up at the top for quite awhile…

    Getting to know your lenses is a good resolution. I’d get to know mine if I had any. How bout I get to know a better camera. My sucks tamales.

    As for the curtain – OMG. I just replaced our bedroom curtain 2 days ago. I can’t explain to you how I filled with rage when I’d see the curtain. It caused me to make tight fists and grit my teeth. It took everything in me not to rip them to shreds when I took them down. They came with the house and more important things needed replacing first. These curtains looked like old yellowed doiles you’d find under a candy dish in an old woman’s house. God I hate them. I HATE THEM!!!! I hate them even as they sit, freshly washed and balled up in my closet – I HATE THEM!

    It’s so good to know there are other psychotic peeps out there that understand me ;)

  • Rissa

    Alright, I havent played in two weeks, but I back! Most likely, nobody even looks at my stuff portrait friday anyway. Just wanted to make an appearance again.!!!

  • dashababy

    “….third sign of the apocolypse”….. funny.

    Your cobweb is nothing to what I cleaned up last night.
    Kev pulled out the old dishwasher that hadn’t been moved since the house was built in 1987. I almost tossed my cookies.

  • Cyndi

    This was my comment…it made me anonymous! LOL
    Yay!! Curtain shopping!! LOL

    I loved that pic of you taking a pic…

    I am toying with the idea of a photography class too…still…it’s just toying.

    I played, too…

  • Shell

    I think I would rather pull my fingernails out than go curtain shopping. I found some sheer panels at IKEA and hung them up. It drives my Mom crazy because she’s such a match everything together person. I just wanted the light diffused a little.

    I played. I’m late but I’m sick so I have an excuse this week.

  • Caroline

    Happy New Year! I took a photography class this year, and although it taught me a lot about the manual settings on my camera, I’m still way behind about all the lenses. And wow, vacation without blogging is waaay better.

  • absent.canadian

    The Nikon 1.8D 50mm you have pictured is one of the nicest lenses ever made. Learn it, and learn it well, and it could very well be the most useful lens you’ll ever own.

    Don’t let the seemingly complex world of apertures and depth of field scales scare you off. It’s really not that complicated. Some time ago, Time Life published a series of books on photography, and it’s still one of the best books I have ever read for understanding lens theory. Find a copy at your local used book store, and enjoy.

    Let me know if you can’t find that … I’ve got some other good books I can recommend.

    Once you start to really understand how the lens works, you will open up a new world of photography for yourself. One where you stop “taking” photographs, and start creating images.

  • Greenthumb

    You know I never play. Friday’s are Pooper Friday at El Casa De Homo’s.

    You get snaps for the lens collection, but you lose them all with those hideous cobweb enfused dust rags you call curtains. GET THEM OFF THE WINDOWS NOW!!!!


    Now, seriously, get new curtains. Why are you still here, go, NOW!!!

  • gympumpkin

    My friend wants to watch the ball drop tonight. She’s is dragging her TV all the way to our friend’s house (the girl throwing the party doesn’t have a TV set) to watch the ball drop. Because she’s been doing it for years. The thing is, we aren’t in the Eastern time zone, so she is dragging the TV over to watch a countdown that isn’t even for our time zone. If anyone at the party says “happy new year” at 11 PM I’m going to hurl.

  • August95

    Hey Kristine, I didn’t play either. I wanted to drop by and say thanks for the beautiful pictures and inspiration this year.

    That is also one of my fav pics of yours this year. Very hard choice. Can’t wait to see what you do with those lenses.

    Happy New Year

  • Danielle

    I’ve loved that picture too. I always thought it was one of the neatest headers I’d seen.

    Here’s to learning more about photography! *clink cameras, in lieu of wine glasses – gently, of course*

    I just got a book about exposure for Christmas. It is probably my biggest weakness with photography that I hope to get a handle on in the coming year.

    Oh, and here’s to a good year!

  • Uzz

    Hola…I will be playing…I just got back in town from the holidays and I must get on board!!! About the lenses…if you have any questions, let me know. One thing that I have become better at in the past couple of years is knowing when to use certain lenses for certain effects…i.e. using a 200mm+ to compress a subject with its background and NOT using a super wide for certain business publications:-)

    My plan is to really ramp things up in the studio this year and get a better understanding of light and shadows in that environment!