Random and Odd



It’s New Years Eve this Friday…in like 3 days! You ready for this? You ready to start a BRAND NEW YEAR?

Your mission for Friday (New Years Eve) is this:

1. Your New Years Resolution.
2. Your Favorite Picture from 2005
3. Something you’ll be glad to leave behind in ’05

The first one is almost a freebie. You can just get all random and odd and post a picture that has nothing to do with your resolution. You will not be seeing a pack of smokes on my blog. Quit asking me to stop. NO ONE LIKES A QUITTER!

The second one is up to you. It can be a picture from something fun you did or just the best picture you think you took. Something you achieved. Something you got. Anything really…I’m being SO damn nice this week.

The third one is a bit harder huh? Something you want to leave behind…Sometimes it’s hard to capture this…try. I bet you can do it if you just look through the view finder and try to capture it.

I made it easy or hard. Much like my sex life.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.