Random and Odd

There are Nooooo Cats in America…..

This year…Christmas went to the dogs. I have 6 different dogs on my Flickr site from this weekend alone. I had no idea how fun dogs were to take pictures of.
Did you know that after you take their picture and show them the shot you got they don’t say, “Ewww, that makes my face look fat!” In fact they look at the picture and then look at you and NEVER say anything. I didn’t even hear, “That one is a little blurry, try again.”
Dogs are so cool.

So is it wrong to say that I am glad Christmas is over? Is it wrong to want to say it because I want to go buy myself presents?
I got some neat things. Of course, my favorite being the Muppets DVD. The Ex bought me a nice robe from the girls & my step son. It’s really cozy and I look like Hugh Hefner. My father in law…with keeping with tradition, bought me a wooden duck.
I had mentioned to my brother that I wanted a John Deere hat, I got it. Next year I am going to mention that I want a new Ford F150.

I was so excited to see what you all had gotten. I made it to a few of your blogs to check out your pictures. Recovering Straight Girl got a Nikon D50! Nothing says, “I love you so much.” Like a Nikon.

There were a couple things I REALLLLY wanted for Christmas. I wanted a bottle of the DKNY be delicious perfume. Don’t think I am a label person, because i’m not. I don’t even know who DK is, but I know she lives in NY. Also know that I don’t want the perfume just because the bottle is shaped like an apple…that’s just a total bonus! I actually like the smell of it.

I also want the speedflash for my camera.

So if you find yourself in Rocklin and you see a hooker on the side of the road wearing a Hugh Hefner robe, let it be known that I am hooking myself for camera supplies…but I smell fantastic!

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