I have done one of the meanest things a parent can do to a child, outside of running over their cat. Which I may or may not have done during my college days.

I numbered the Christmas gifts.

Yes. I know. MEAN HUH? (this is where you hear me laughing like an evil loon)

The girls came home from their dads and there is a pile of gifts under the tree.
“YAY, GIFTS!!” They run towards the tree and pick up the multi colored boxes.
“Mom? Who’s #4?”
“You’ll find out on Christmas….unless…you can figure it out on your own.

Oh the whining…Complaining…and then the “I’ll figure it out first!” threats.

Everyday after school, Alyx has been setting aside a little time to figuring it out. She asks me very simple questions in hopes of finding out what the answer is.
Today, after what sounded like a simple question, her eyes brightened and she rushed into the house.
She had been asking one or two questions a day. Well, all those questions added up to the answer she was waiting for.

“Mommy, if I get the answer right and show you how I got it, will you tell me if I’m right?”
I made her promise that if she did get it she wouldn’t tell the other kids how she got the answer. She promised.

Then she brought me the right answer.

I told her that if anyone else figured it out because of her notes that I would take her presents away.

She took a pair of scissors and cut up the paper in a million pieces.

At this moment she is sitting in the living room laughing like a evil loon.

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