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To cry or sob with soft intermittent sounds

sleeping beauty?

The overwhelming support of Halo the dumb adorable dog was staggering.
For the record; watermelon flavored dum-dums are the best.

Today I was on the computer in the kitchen watching some stuff on Ebay when I noticed that my ‘bookmark’ tab that runs along the top of the web browser said: WOM, which stands for Wave of Modulation. I made her website a tab that I would go to often because I didn’t want to miss any new pictures she posted. I had 2 hours before the item I am watching is up so I decided to check some blogs.

I have 2 types of crying. I have the type of crying that involves nothing but tears. The other type of crying involves crying and yelling. I don’t have anything in between.
Today I found a new type of crying.

I read WOM’s post today and at the end of it, with tears pouring down my face, I whimpered. Never before have I heard this type of pained crying.
My heart broke inside my chest and the only way to relieve the pain of it was to sob.

Halo, Satan’s Dog, heard me and came over and put her head on my leg. She began licking my hands. She was worried about me.
I told her that I was okay and I got up from the computer to go get some tissue. She followed me to the bathroom. I decided that I needed to wash something to try to stop the crying and she followed me into the laundry room. Even though she knows better than to come in the bedroom, she followed me in and kept licking my hands.

Maybe that dog isn’t so bad after all.

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  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Aww, I told you she’d be a sweetheart once you were able to break through the outer shell of spaz.

    I dare not go read that post until I call Snickers over here pre-emptively…

  • SoozieQ

    Jeez, that totally made me cry…I’m at work, thankfully The Hubs is the only one around (and the Dog, but he’s too busy……..looks like Halo is the better dog by far!)

    I read WOM’s story first then came back to finish your post…by the end of both, I was a goner.

    Dogs really DO get it, no doubt.

  • mrtl

    Gah – you had to bring it up. Just thinking about that post made me start crying again, and I don’t have a dog here to lick my hands.

  • pack of 2

    That dog loves you more than you could ever know.

    Rescue dogs have been known to return the favor & save people’s lives.

    Recently in Portland, a man drove his car off a cliff while backing out of his driveway…was trapped for two days…told his dog (that he had adopted only three weeks before) to go get help…the dog climbed out of the window, climbed the cliff, & went to the neighbor’s house…brought the neighbor back to the accident scene.

    The man would have never been noticed had that dog not been there….dogs are so loyal…even if they are annoying too:)

    Your dog is beautiful!


  • sheryl_stephen

    Aww, Kristine. Now you’re making me cry.

    And this picture! You know it gets to me. I love it, and you. And I am very happy that Halo was there for you today.

    And thankful that you were there for me.

  • Kylz

    I am such a sook. I was in tears reading that post, but I wasn’t completely sad. By the end I kind of had a half smile – just to know that she is getting better. Thanks Kristine.

  • dashababy

    Now you know how to make Halo mind now.
    Animals are so much smarter than we give em credit for. How could you not love a dog with a sucker in her mouth? Dasha at least tries to hide the evidence. I find wrappers under and behind the couch.
    I read WOMs post. It was very touching and bittersweet. My heart goes out to her and her family.