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Is he really that old now?

Last weekend was Tyler’s homecoming dance at his school. Shaun and I were sort of out of town doing other stuff and didn’t get to take pictures. Since the dance was up here in Rocklin we had his mom come to our house for him to get ready and take pictures.

Tyler and I went shopping at a few stores before I caved in and called Shaun.

“Come and do this. I can’t do this. If he needed me to pick out earrings to match his dress…I would be your girl. He needs slacks!”

Shaun then asked me to tell me what we had gotten so far. I told him this really cool black button up shirt and a tie.

“What color is the shirt?” he asked.
“So you got a lighter colored tie?” He sounded like he had such confidence in me.
“um. No. It’s a really dark blue one.”
“That would be great Kristine…if he were in the mob.”

Shaun then showed up and within minutes had picked out a better shirt and a pair of slacks that really good on the boy.
I wasn’t even invited to the shoe store to help pick out shoes to go with this ensemble. I would have probably picked out some great sling backs and a matching purse.

We were excited to see the whole thing put together the night of the dance. With one of the other 13 cameras in the house fully charged we left knowing that we would come home to pictures that weren’t AS good as the ones we could take, but how bad could they be? I mean, really…she’s an adult. It’s a digital camera. You can’t mess things up THAT bad.

The First Homecoming Dance...picture NOT taken by me!

This is what we got.

Luckily both Tyler and his girlfriend Nikki go to different schools and she had her homecoming dance this weekend.
We didn’t get to miss the boy running around trying to figure out where everything was. I also didn’t miss this very awesome moment while Shaun was teaching his son how to tie a tie.

man training

I may have missed him teaching Tyler how to tie his shoes, but I get to witness the sweetness of moments like this.

If you didn’t know me, you would think I was a complete idiot as I looked down at my camera and started talking to it, praising it for capturing that shot and promising to give him a nice cleaning and new UV filter and a better bag to protect it from the elements. If you know me, you know I talk to objects as if they understand what I am saying and know I’m not an idiot…just a weirdo.







Yes, after I downloaded these…I kissed the camera.

I might be an idiot.

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  • Sharkey

    Aww . . . the pic with the tie totally made me cry.

    Good job, Shaun, picking out a shirt and tie that coordinated so well with Nikki’s dress!

  • Kate

    What an awesome time in his life. They are adorable.

    What a cutie Tyler is. Wow hard to believe your kids are that old! You guys are so young.

  • dashababy

    “Gasp”, a better bag??? The brand new one I gave is not good enough anymore???
    Anyhoo, yes that pic of Tyler and Shaun made my eyes leak. What a sweet shot. Love it.

  • MrsDoF

    Back in the day, I took a photography class offered by the Parks and Rec department.
    The Instructor emphasized that it is not the camera which takes the photos. It is the hands and eyes of the operator.
    He had us prove it by telling us to switch cameras with the person across the table, and explain to each other about where everything is and what it does (a bit easier in the day of rangefinder and small SLRs). He then gave us 20 minutes to take pictures on the property.
    When the photos came out of the darkroom, oh the stories they told.

    Great job taking photographs. It’s the hand and eyes that do such fine work. You can pat the camera for being such a fine assistant.

    The pictures of the mom and daughter, and the dad and son…..
    I’m all teary.

  • Susie

    These are amazingly wonderful. You are REALLY talented, girl. Truly, you are. How can pictures of kids and parents we don’t even know make us cry, except that they’re taken by an exceptional photographer. Wow.

  • KGrams

    What… are you saying that most people don’t talk to objects? I talk to my computer, camera and vehicle all the time. After all, they are part of the family.

    This was very sweet and I’m glad you were able to capture it for all eternity. You are also very lucky that Shaun can pick out clothes, my DH would not have been any help at all.

  • dorkalie

    I love the tie picture, what a great moment I hope to capture on film between my son and husband one day in the future. the far, far, far away future that is.

    i thought i was the only one who talked to inanimate objects, it makes me feel better.

  • Kristine

    You guys made me all cry and stuff!!

    I was in the living room checking the white balance and trying some test shots before they got here to make sure I had everything set right and I hear Shaun in the bathroom… I dove up off the couch and tried to stand a bit away to get the shot without them paying attention to me, but the Nikon is so loud when the shutter clicks.

    They didn’t even care, they were so intent on teaching and learning.

    I’m going to cry again now.

    Man Training. It was beautiful.

  • Cat

    Too bad they invented those wrist corsages for girls, eh? Tyler would have totally made it to second base before he even left the house!! Woo!

    Seriously, the inevitable awkward “He just touched my boobies and I’m trying not to giggle” moments during the pinning of those damn corsages? Absolute worst part of formal dances! (Or, um, best, depending on the guy…)

  • Juliabohemian

    wow, he really looks JUST like his Dad. I like the picture of the girl and her mom. I wouldn’t touch my mom like that if you paid me $5000. Any chance of you and Shaun creating any offspring?

  • Annejelynn

    omg – this post made me cry!?!? Tyler looks such a sweet, handsome young man – hopes upon hopes that his adolescence is kind to him and he makes it through somewhat unscathed (my hope for all teenagers – just wrote about this very subject = blantant promotion of that very post too)